Viet Nam implements green growth: an appropriate approach in international integration

Viet Nam is one of the countries vulnerable to climate change. Extensive development and hot growth have caused negative impacts on natural environment. To continue sustainable development, in the coming time Viet Nam should take suitable solutions to shift into in-depth development and green growth model.

Viet Nam’s external relations in renovation period: some theoretical and practical issues

After nearly 30 years since the implementation of a foreign policy of the renovation period, Viet Nam has realized deep and extensive international integration, actively participated with responsibility in forums and international and regional organizations, broadened and deepened foreign relations with countries in the world. Thirty years are an important opportunity to renew and assess theoretical and practical issues of Viet Nam’s foreign relations, perception and implementation of the foreign policy of the Party and State of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, and draw lessons and recommendations for continued renewal of foreign policy in the coming time.

ASEAN with resolution of disputes in the East Sea

Building a peaceful and stable environment in the region to help member countries firmly maintain independence, sovereignty and sustainable development has been reflected in almost all of ASEAN’s documents, especially in the ASEAN Charter (effective as of December 2008). Conflict prevention, management and settlement are one of the key integral components of the ASEAN Political-Security Community. Thus, participating in resolving disputes and conflicts in the East Sea within the scope of work is both a responsibility and an ensurance of ASEAN’s common interest.

For national independence, freedom, and sacred territorial integrity of the Fatherland, be worthy of the people’s confidence and trust

On the 69th anniversary of the August Revolution (19 August 1945-19August 2014), the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (2 September 1945-2 September 2014) and the 45th anniversary of the sacred Testament of President Ho Chi Minh, Communist Review introduces an exclusive important article written by Comrade Truong Tan Sang, member of the Politburo, President of the Communist Party of Viet Nam on sacred tasks of defending independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity of the Fatherland.

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