New development in international cooperation in defence of Viet Nam (*)

International cooperation in defence is an important part of the active and positive international integration of Viet Nam. The 11th Party Congress emphasized: “Continuing the expansion of international cooperation in national defence and security”(1). This strategic guiding thought of the Party needs to be effectively, widely and deeply carried out in external military activities so as to further international cooperation in defence of Viet Nam.

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Viet Nam’s 15 years of effort

After 15 years of accession to the Asia-Pacific Cooperation (APEC), Viet Nam has confirmed its stride on the path of international and regional economic integration. Benefits that APEC has brought about to Viet Nam have contributed to its external economic relation expansion, industrialization and modernization and national development. On the other hand, Viet Nam has made active contribution to the forum’s rigorous growth and considerably strengthened its voice and status in the international arena.

General Nguyen Chi Thanh - an outstanding political and military theoretician and talented general of the Vietnam People’s Army

Comrade Nguyen Chi Thanh devoted his whole life to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation. He made great contribution to the cause of building the people’s armed forces and brought into full play his talent and endeavor to successfully realizing orientations and political and military tasks of the Party. He also made great contribution to developing Viet Nam’s military art, mobilizing the fighting spirit of the Vietnamese people and army and bringing the resistant war for national salvation to complete victory.

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