Guarantee of human rights in Viet Nam and current problems

Guarantee of human rights in Viet Nam, first and foremost, is prompted by objectives of revolution and nature of the social regime chosen by Viet Nam. That is why, even in hash circumstance of years of war, particularly when the country was reunified and in development stages, the Vietnamese State has striven to better guarantee human rights to everybody while paying special attention to vulnerable groups in society.

2013 Constitution - Constitutionalizing social security

The term “social security” has been widely used and its fundamental connotation has rather clearly and for long manifested in many countries (particularly in developed countries), implying major social policies of the State. Not until the early years of the 21st century, this term has been officially, widely and commonly used in our country. It is fully and completely represented in item VII of the 11th Party Congress Documents: Effectively realize social progress and equity, ensure social security in each step and each policy of development. (1) The Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (revised) officially uses the term social security and constitutionalizes its fundamental connotation as defined by the 11th Party Congress.

Completing institutionalization, promoting people’s right to mastery, successfu-lly implementing tasks of 2014 and creating foundation for rapid and sustainable development

Last year, the entire Party, army and people of Viet Nam exerted efforts to overcome numerous difficulties and challenges and achieved important results with macro-economy stability, higher growth and lower inflation than 2012. Progress has been made in the fields of culture, social affairs and environmental protection. National defense and security have been maintained. Achievements have been recorded in external relations. Political and social stability has been secured. Viet Nam’s position in the international arena has grown.

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