Tuesday, 2/6/2020
  • Facilitating the development of non-public healthcare in the form of public-private partnerships

    Healthcare is one of the areas that the Party, State and Government give high priority, allocating resources from the state budget, government bonds, and official development assistance (ODA). However, the demand for investment in the health sector is so large that the state budget cannot meet. Therefore, mobilization of social resources through public-private partnerships is a good solution to develop the health sector. Through this form of partnership, the health sector cannot only mobilize financial resources but also take advantage of experience, professionalism, management model and service delivery of the non-public health sector to together with the State provide quality health services and healthcare, meeting people’s needs.

  • Reforming social insurance policy to ensure social security, promote social progress and equity for sustainable development of the country

    The Vietnamese Party and State has paid attention to and develop policies on social insurance covering retirement, survivor allowance, unemployment, sickness, maternity, labor accident, and occupational disease, considering social insurance a main pillar of the social security system, a goal and a motive force for sustainable development of the country and the good nature of the socialist regime. Under the leadership of the Party, the management of the State, given efforts of party committees, local authorities, ministries, branches, socio-political organizations, business community and employees, with effective support and cooperation of other countries and international organizations the system of policies and legislation on social insurance of Vietnam has been constantly supplemented, improved and become more compatible with the socialist-oriented market economy, contributing significantly to ensuring social security, promoting social progress and equity for sustainable development of the country in the process of innovation, development and international integration.

  • Develop science and technology human resources for the fourth industrial revolution and deepened international integration

    After 20 years of implementation of the Resolution of the 3rd Plenum of the Party Central Committee, 8th Tenure on " Strategy on Personnel in the process of industrialization and modernization," remarkable progress has been made in building a contingent of science and technology cadres which has constantly developed in terms of quantity, quality and growth in all aspects, step by step met standards at younger ages on par with tasks set for the new period and made important contributions to national construction and defense.

  • Developing cultural industries and building and perfecting a market of cultural services and products in Vietnam

    The 12th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam set out the goal of making culture a strong spiritual mainstay of society, a vital internal strength which ensures sustainable development and national defense. In pursuit of that goal, the development of cultural industries coupled with the development and completion of a cultural service and product market is defined as one of the fundamental tasks.

  • Vietnam’s education in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    In view of the development of education in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Vietnam will surely face many difficulties when education in Vietnam is geared heavily to transfer knowledge, not to develop qualities and competence of learners; the quality of teaching staff and managers is uneven; infrastructure system is still limited.

  • Reforming social insurance policy to ensure the people’s security right, social progress and equity

    After more than 20 years of building and developing social security policy, Vietnam has achieved positive results while also faced many challenges, requiring breakthroughs and reforms so that social security policies, including social insurance policies achieve the goals of social progress and equity, ensuring social security right of people.

  • The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committees at all levels intensify social supervision and criticism in response to requirements and aspirations of the people

    Representing the lawful and legitimate rights and interests of the people is one of the important responsibilities and rights of the Vietnam Fatherland Front. This is affirmed in the Party resolutions and concretized in the 2013 Constitution and the 2015 Law on the Vietnam Fatherland Front. In order to assume the responsibility, the Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels should better the work of social supervision and criticism, contributing to building a clean and strong Party and administration, creating social consensus, and promoting the strength of great national unity, as set out by the 12th Congress of the Party.

  • Folk festivals and tourism development *

    Vietnam is said to be the country of folk festivals. In its cultural picture, from the past to present, folk festivals have always been an important highlight, a distinctive color palette showing the concentration and diversity of the cultural essence of Vietnamese ethnic groups.

  • Building Vietnam’s culture in the new era: Associating culture with politics and economy

    In the new stage, culture must motivate people to become aware of and best perform their responsibilities in all areas of activity. It is necessary to make culture permeate all aspects of social life, every individual, and the economy in its capacity as business culture, corporate culture and business administration; and State organization, administration and governance and politics in its capacity as political culture. This is why, in addition to the three pillars of sustainable socio-economic development including economic, social and environmental sustainable development, the sustainable development of any country in modern times also requires cultural sustainable development.

  • Vietnam’s proactive and active international cultural integration in the overall context

    The Party and the State of Vietnam define culture as the strong spiritual foundation of society, a vital internal force that ensures sustainable development. In the current globalization, in order to achieve that goal, proactive and active international cultural integration is necessary to absorb the quintessence of human culture, enrich the national culture, strengthen national synergy, and enhance the position and prestige of Vietnam in the international arena.

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