Sunday, 29/3/2020
  • “Group interests” and “relative and friend capitalism” - A threat warning

    The Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Central Committee, 11th Tenure “On urgent issues on Party building at present” identified one of the important task is to fight against “group interests.” This is because “group interests” (by negative meaning) will weaken national development, interests and the country and cause serious loss; the people will be stripped off power and interests; revolutionary achievements and the socio-political regime will not be protected hence collapse.

  • Impacts of relations among ethnic minorities on current stability and development of northern mountainous provinces of Viet Nam

    Stability and development in the northern mountainous provinces of Viet Nam are affected by many factors, including ethnic relations. Therefore, the identification of impacts of ethnic relations will help to put forward recommendations, appropriate solutions and policies to limit negative impacts and promote positive impacts to maintain social stability and economic development in the region in particular, and implement strategies of national construction and defense general.

  • Poverty reduction in Viet Nam - Challenges and solutions

    In face of the goal “basically becoming a modern industrialized country by 2020”, poverty reduction efforts are confronted with a new height and new challenges, requiring new approach and resolving measures, aiming towards sustainable values through multi-dimensional poverty reduction approach.

  • Continue public administration reform, create foundation for rapid and sustainable development and international integration in the coming period

    Recently, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Politburo member, Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Government Standing Committee for Administration Reform wrote an article on continuing to push forward public administration reform. Communist Review would like to introduce this article.

  • Taking care of poor people and entitled families to ensure “all people and families enjoy the new year festival” in an warm atmosphere

    While the economies of the world and Viet Nam are recovering slowly and there remain difficulties and challenges, the Party, Government and National Assembly have cut down on unnecessary spendings, and mobilized social resources to support poor people and entitled families to stabilize their life and enjoy the 2015 At Mui Lunar New Year Festival in an warm atmosphere.

  • On building Vietnamese culture and man

    The Resolution of the Party Central Committee 9th Plenum, 11th Tenure stated that culture is the firm spiritual foundation of society and the important internal strength of the country. Building Vietnamese culture and man is an urgent issue to meet demands of national construction and defense for a prosperous people, strong country, democracy and civilization.

  • Implementing some Millennium Development Goals on maternal and child health: Success factors and maintenance solutions

    At the Partners’ Forum of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health organized in South Africa recently, Minister of Heath Nguyen Thi Kim Tien shared outstanding achievements of Viet Nam’s health sector over the past years, especially in the field of maternal and child healthcare with breakthrough strategic policies, several Millennium Development Goals (MDG) have been achieved and highly appreciated by the international community.

  • Declaration of Independence of President Ho Chi Minh – a declaration shinning with ideology on human rights and civil rights of oppressed nations

    Sixty nine years ago on 2 September 1945 in Ba Dinh Square, Ha Noi, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence, founding the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam. The Declaration is not only an important document of the Vietnamese Party and nation in the history of struggle for independence and freedom but also a declaration which shines with ideology on human rights and civil rights of oppressed nations because it affirms both legal principles on national independence and territorial integrity and legality of national rights and fundamental human rights.

  • Guarantee of human rights in Viet Nam and current problems

    Guarantee of human rights in Viet Nam, first and foremost, is prompted by objectives of revolution and nature of the social regime chosen by Viet Nam. That is why, even in hash circumstance of years of war, particularly when the country was reunified and in development stages, the Vietnamese State has striven to better guarantee human rights to everybody while paying special attention to vulnerable groups in society.

  • 2013 Constitution - Constitutionalizing social security

    The term “social security” has been widely used and its fundamental connotation has rather clearly and for long manifested in many countries (particularly in developed countries), implying major social policies of the State. Not until the early years of the 21st century, this term has been officially, widely and commonly used in our country. It is fully and completely represented in item VII of the 11th Party Congress Documents: Effectively realize social progress and equity, ensure social security in each step and each policy of development. (1) The Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (revised) officially uses the term social security and constitutionalizes its fundamental connotation as defined by the 11th Party Congress.

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