Wednesday, 21/8/2019
  • Be vigilant against the current idea of non-politicized army

    The allegation on non-politicized army is by nature the attempt to separate army from the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, to remove the leadership of the Communist Party of Viet Nam over the army, and to make the army loosen its ideology and gradually become ambiguous about its ideology and fighting goals and no longer be able to act as a power tool to protect the Party, State and people. Building the revolutionary nature of the army is the core of building the army in terms of politics.

  • On the social oversight and critic role of Vietnamese media

    Through the long history of national revolution, Vietnamese media has proved itself as an important revolutionary force which has made great contribution to each success in the cause of socialist construction and defense. In the current stage, the Vietnamese media is required to uphold its social oversight and critic role.

  • People’s ownership of land: an issue which needs resolute implementation

    To effectively use land resource, it is necessary to continue clarify the concept of people’s ownership of land to set up legal framework, regulations and concrete policies on land and avoid misunderstanding and abuse.

  • One-year implementation of the resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (11th Tenure): achievements and initial experience

    In 2012, the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (11th Tenure) issued the resolution: “Current urgent issues on Party building”. (Resolution No 12-NQ/TW, 16 January, 2012). During the implementation of the resolution, what is easy to find and appreciated by Party cadres and members is that the deliberation of the resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (11th Tenure) on Party building has been closely led and followed with high political will by the Party Central Committee, the Political Bureau and the Party Secretariat right from the beginning when the resolution was disseminated.

  • Turning point in hunger eradication, poverty reduction efforts

    Hunger eradication and poverty reduction in Vietnam remain a pressing issue and a great concern of the Vietnamese Party and State. Comprehensive and sustainable poverty reduction during socio-economic development is one of the major tasks, contributing to developing the country with a socialist orientation. Achievements recorded during the 2006 - 2010 period created a turning point in hunger eradication and poverty reduction in Vietnam, paving the way for the implementation of new measures in the 2011 - 2020 period.

  • Effectively mobilizing resources of overseas Vietnamese

    The community of overseas Vietnamese is considered by the Communist Party of Viet Nam as an integral part and a resource of the country. Effective mobilization of the resource will be a great contribution to the of the country’s industrialization, mobilization and international integration.

  • Continuing to renovate policies and legislation on land in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country

    In recent years, achievements have been made in land management and use. However, there remain weaknesses and shortcomings which include lack of observance of legislation and regulations in land management and use, wrong use of land, waste and inefficiency in several places, low effectiveness of policies and legislation on land and inappropriate delegation of land management.

  • Enhancing public investment effectiveness in agriculture, farmers and rural areas

    Over the past year, the Vietnamese Party and State have promulgated several policies, mechanism, and legislations on investment in agriculture, farmers and rural areas in all fields. Appropriate steps have been taken in each stage that has facilitated developments in agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

  • Overseas Vietnamese - an inseparable part of the Vietnamese nation

    Work on Overseas Vietnamese has been of great significance and received much attention by the Party and State. On 26 March 2004, the Political Bureau issued Resolution 36/NQ-TW on the work on Overseas Vietnamese. The resolution confirmed that: “Overseas Vietnamese are an inseparable part and resources of the Vietnamese nation and an important factor that contribute to strengthen cooperation and friendship between Viet Nam and other countries”.

  • Comrade Le Hong Phong, a staunch communist and an outstanding leader of the Vietnamese Party and revolution

    Comrade Le Hong Phong was an outstanding leader of the Vietnamese Party and revolution, a bright example of revolutionary spirit who devoted his whole live to the cause of national and class liberation and communist ideology.

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