Wednesday, 21/8/2019
  • Developing high quality human resources for sustainable development of Viet Nam

    All countries need resources including human resources for development. In the current world situation when international competitiveness has become fiercer in many fields, it’s a bonus for any country which prossesses high-quality human resources. High quality human resources are also a condition to close the economic, and technological gaps and an important factor for successful international integration.

  • Renovating financial mechanism in public service towards quality, equality and effectiveness

    In following up the roadmap of administrative reform and deliberating Conclusion No 37-TB/TW of the Party Political Bureau, the Party caucus of the Ministry of Finance submitted the Memo 16/t.Tr-BCS dated 15 December 2011 to the Government Party caucus on renovating financial mechanism in public service.

  • Improving quality and effectiveness of public security to ensure security, law and order in the context of globalization and international integration

    Under the clear-sighted and correct leadership of the Party in the fight for security, law and order and in building clean and strong forces, fully aware of their tasks the people’s public security forces have exerted continuous efforts over the past 67 years, fulfilled its tasks, won over the counter-revolutionaries and foiled dark schemes plotted by intelligence and spy agencies of colonialists, imperialists and hostile forces in collaboration with reactionary forces.

  • Implementing UN Convention on anti-corruption in association with corruption prevention in Viet Nam

    The article started by briefing Viet Nam’s participation and contribution to development of UN Convention on anti-corruption. Our participation should follow the principles: the aims of the Convention do not run counter to Viet Nam’s constitution and legislation and the Party’s guidelines and policies.

  • Some issues relating to land ownership in our country at present

    Land ownership has always been a big and complicated issue which needs continued research to reach unanimity in perception and thinking. It should also keep up with changes as it does not only link to economy but also socio-political stability and sustainable development. There exist two opposing forms of ownership and this has caused numerous difficulties and complexities which need to be completely solved.

  • Developing scientific and technological infrastructure to meet demands of industrialization and modernization

    While accelerating industrialization and modernization of the country and international integration, the Party and State of Viet Nam have set great store by science and technology, considering them key decisive driving forces to the success of national development.

  • An evaluation of public policies in Viet Nam: problems and Solutions

    Evaluation of public policies is the review and assessment of values and results of the promulgation and implementation of the policies. To realize the policies, they are institutionalized into legislation and regulations. Thus, the review and assessment of policies are often associated with assessment of legislation concerned to see how they work and whether they conform to demands.

  • A review of the media communication and key tasks in the future

    To implement the resolutions of the 11th Party Congress, over the past one year, the press and publication services have fulfilled their socio-political functions, contributing to disseminating the Party’s political tasks, important solutions of the Government on inflation control, prevention of economic downturn, stabilization of macro economy, and insurance of social security for sustainable development.

  • Overcoming shortcomings and weaknesses in anti-corruption

    Initial important achievements have been made in anti-corruption over the past years. The resolution of the Party Central Committee, the Law on anti-corruption and other document which regulate anti-corruption have been disseminated in different formats and strictly studied and implemented. Incidences of corruption have been discovered and people who are responsible for corruption have been penalized. All these have contributed to effective anti-corruption efforts.

  • Self-criticism and criticism should start from the most fundamental issues

    To ensure the success of the resolutions of the 4th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Party (11th Tenure), the article emphasized two fundamental issues which should be well observed: Party member’s courage to make self-criticism and the Party’s confidence in the people and reception of people’s constructive opinions.

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