Wednesday, 21/8/2019
  • Social security after 25 years of renovation: Achievements and problems

    After 25 years of renovation, Viet Nam’s social security system has recorded the following main achievements:

  • On the National Target Programme on New Rural Development

    In the spirit of the resolutions of the 11th Party Congress, the Socio-economic Development Strategy for 2011-2020 puts forth 11 groups of orientation including: “Harmonious and sustainable development of regions, and building of urban and new rural areas”.

  • Current cultural security in Viet Nam

    Cultural security has been one of the urgent issues in the context of profound globalization. While cultural globalization has brought about opportunities and advantages, it has posed problems to national cultural security.

  • Electronic newspaper, web page and social network: development and management orientation

    Fully aware of the pros and cons of internet and electronic newspaper, after eight years since Vietnam linked to the World Wide Web, the Party Central Committee of the 9th tenure issued Decree No 52-CT/TW dated 22 July, 2005 on “Development and management of electronic newspaper in Viet Nam at the current stage”. In implementing the decree, the Government has developed and promulgated legal document to regulate this new form of media.

  • Developing transport infrastructure in Viet Nam

    In recent years, Viet Nam’s transport infrastructure has been upgraded with expansion of road system, reduced railway and waterway travel time, increased cargo throughput in sea port and higher number of passengers and cargo transport at airports. Especially, local transport system has greatly contributed to economic transition, poverty reduction and rural modernization.

  • Women in leadership and management in Viet Nam

    Women’s in leadership and management has been an issue of higher concern in the world in the 21st century. Since the Party was established in 1930, and all through the revolutionary process, woman empowerment has received much attention from the Party and State. In the years of renovation, the concern was demonstrated by the Decree 37-CT/TW on 16 May, 1994 of the Party Central Committee Secretariat on “Some issues in the work of woman cadres in the new situation” and the Resolution 11-NQ/TW on 24 July 2007 of the Party Political Bureau on “The work on woman in the period of industrialization and modernization”.

  • Renovation of salary policy in the period of 2011-2012

    Policies on salary have affected tens of millions of paid laborers. Well-developed salary policies are driving forces for well social and human development. This was one of the issues discussed at the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Viet Nam.

  • Modernization of the army - A tendency after the cold war

    The “collapse without war” of the Soviet Union - one of the strongest military powers - makes quite a few nations feel that military force is no more significant as in a world there is no ideological confrontation between the two international political systems. However, continued wars, conflicts and increasingly fierce political and geo-economic contradictions after the dissolution of the Soviet Union have caused nations to return to traditional thinking that war with armed force is still the succession of politics. Hence a trend of military modernization in recent years.

  • Price subsidization

    The Party and Government have implemented policies and taken solutions to improve the people’s living standards, assist localities and poor people in difficulties. Almost all of these regulations have accountd for poor people and difficult areas. However, in reality, sometimes this concern has not yielded expected results as not all people in difficulties can benefit from these policies as financial resources have fallen short of demands.

  • Difficulties in stabilising petrol prices

    Apart from different views on how to use the price stabilisation fund, the price management is getting more difficult as the coal, electricity and water supply sectors are asking for an increase of their selling prices.

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