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The participation of non-professional investors in the securities market
14/3/2007 10:12' Send Print

The Vietnam securities market became particularly active at the end of 2006. This shows some new features as follow:

First, initial successes have been obtained in the establishment, maintenance, operation and promotion of the Vietnam securities market. It seems that the changes that took place in the months ending 2006 led the market to a new stage. The legal environment was improved (the Securities Law came into forces in January 2007), with the liberalization of businesses, diversifying securities products and sudden changes in the market size and capacity. The number of new domestic and foreign investors, including professional and non-professional investors, organisations and individuals has been on the increase.

Second, the securities market has become a new capital flow for businesses and created a new and rather attractive investment opportunity for Vietnamese people and foreigners to invest in Vietnam, creating a new motivation for national economic development.

Third, the market has mobilised a rather large potential fund from the people. The Vietnamese people have gained new knowledge and determination in doing business and are prepared to confront risks in investing in a new area.

In face of the effervescent securities market, in order to ensure the effective and sustainable operation of this market, individual investors should learn to improve their knowledge and determination when doing business in this market. Meanwhile, the State should provide relevant information and training and develop counselling methods and services to help non-professional investors mitigate losses due to their lack of knowledge. These measures would help maintain the stabilisation and healthy environment of the securities market.

Nguyen Minh Phong