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Women in leadership and management in Viet Nam
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In Viet Nam currently, women account for 50.5% of the population and more than 47% of the labor force. The number of women who have been in the management positions in State and Government offices, social organizations and businesses has increased remarkably. In several terms, Vice State Presidents, Vice Chairmen of National Assembly and Political Bureau members are women. More women have held high positions in Party committees and management mechanism at all levels.

However, a matter of concern is that the percentage of woman in leadership and management positions are not steady, unstable and decreasing. Based on the analysis of the current situation of women in leadership and management, the article pointed to four causes to the constraint and proposed three groups of recommendations for improvement.

They are:

1. Making plan on training source woman cadres for leadership and management.

2. Awareness raising on effectiveness of investment in women as an important factor which contributes to sustainable development and social equality.

3. Attention is given to expand Party membership among young and elite women at schools and localities as party membership is one of necessary conditions for leadership and managers planning and training. /.


Pham Hanh SamMA. Director of Education and Propaganda Department, Viet Nam Women's Union