Tuesday, 21/1/2020
Electronic newspaper, web page and social network: development and management orientation
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For electronic newspapers, information immediacy and control should be accompanied by Content Management System. The process of electronic newspaper production should be given great store by, particularly to improving the quality of information.

Regulations on management of information web pages should be developed to ensure that the web pages are operated and run by qualified media professional and sufficient number of staff. These information web pages should not be turned into disguised electronic newspaper. State regulatory offices should provide guidance on building information portals to ministries, commissions, branches and web security. In the long-run, information portal of Party organizations, State offices and at all level should apply ISO standard for safety and security.

It is necessary to impose punishment on those social networks, websites and blogs with contents that violate Viet Nam’s laws, and run counter to national culture and customs and habits. Legal frameworks, especially regulations on foreign businesses which operate in the field of internet, telecommunications, media, broadcasting in Viet Nam should be completed. Guidance and management of communication, particularly electronic newspaper, information web pages and social network should be strengthened. Assistance is to be provided to domestic businesses to develop some model in information technology market. More investment will be made to upgrade information technology infrastructure. On the other hand, strict punishment will be levied on any business or organizations that use internet, social network and information web pages with Vietnamese domain or foreign domains with Vietnamese hosts to post material, video, and pictures against Viet Nam’s regime, habits and customs.

Attention should be given to training professional knowledge, skills, ethic and lifestyle and using media professionals in media organizations. Media organizations should proactively take part in the fight against erroneous information and allegations of hostile and reactionary forces on internet./.

Dr. Nguyen The KyDeputy Director of the Central Commission on Propaganda and Education