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On the National Target Programme on New Rural Development
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This article clarifies this orientation and focuses on harmonious development of new rural areas.

After one year of implementation, the National Target Program on New Rural Development in the period of 2011-2020 has achieved numerous results: objectives of building new rural areas have been integrated into resolutions of Party Congresses at all levels and have created a movement among the Party and people; the organization, apparatus and contingent of carders for the implementation of the programme have been completed from the central to local levels and become more professional as they have gained experience in program implementation and resource mobilization and the picture on new rural areas have become clearer.

Besides achievements, there remain drawbacks and difficulties which include communication inefficiency, awareness of Party members and carders, inconsistency of guidelines and lack of businesses’ participation.

To realize the objectives of new rural development, it is necessary to reach unanimity on certain points on the National Target Programme.

- The National Target Programme on New Rural Development is not an umbrella programme that embraces other programmes. Other National Target Programmes should revise standards and indicators to conform to national standards and indicators as stipulated in Decision No 491/QD/TTg dated 16 April 2009.

- Strengthening communication to raise awareness on the objectives of new rural development so that people can make decision on what to do.

- Credit assistance should concentrate in big production areas. Renovation and application of new technical advances and technologies should be encouraged.

In the coming period, the following tasks should be carried out:

- Development of production should be considered as primary and major task in new rural development;

- To build civilized, beautiful and clean villages;

- To develop education and healthcare;

- To preserve and develop national and cultural identity;

- To consolidate grass-roots and commune political system./.

Ho Xuan HungFormer Vice Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development