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Current cultural security in Viet Nam
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Cultural globalization has accelerated cultural integration in the world, increased changes in cultural order of each country and restructured cultural domain. In this evolution, cultural security of a nation has been expanded from traditionally political and social security to large-scale cultural security. The major content in cultural security in information era is security in human resources and technology and internet security. Safeguarding a country’s cultural security is safeguarding national independence and cultural sovereignty in face of internal and external sabotage. Ensuring cultural security and establishing appropriate and dynamic mechanism are principles of cultural development. To achieve this goals, it is necessary to initiate ideas on modern cultural security, set up a highly-qualified system of cultural security projection, persistently follow Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh ideology to build an advanced culture of Viet Nam imbued with national identity, promote and foster national spirit, develop cultural cause and industry, improve cultural competitiveness, consistently renovate ways of thinking, encourage cultural creativeness, bring into play the leverage role of science and technology in culture building, adopt appropriate strategies on international exchanges in culture in the principles of equality, and mutual benefit for cultural development. The synergy of these fields will contribute to the rapid and sustainable development of the country in the period of integration./. 

Mai Hai Oanh