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Enhancing public investment effectiveness in agriculture, farmers and rural areas
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Based on these policies, the Ministry of Finance has coordinated with ministries and branches concerned to give priority to investment in agricultural and rural development. Prominent achievements in public investment in these areas for the period of 2006-2011 include increased public investment in agriculture, farmers and rural development  and expanded ODA .

Thank to the investment, agricultural output, quality, and effectiveness have been improved. Rural political system has been consolidated and grass-roots democracy has been enhanced.

However, there remain constraints. Investment has fallen short of demands. Slow disbursement of ODA, prolonged projects, sporadic investment, and low investment efficiency are among them. Though infrastructure has been improved, access to some areas is still difficult.

The implementation of the resolutions of the 7th Plenum of the Central Committee, 10th Party Congress and Resolutions of the 11th Party Congress on in agriculture, farmers, rural areas and public investment should align with the following points of view:

First, investment on in agriculture, farmers and rural areas is a necessary condition for effective and sustainable development to lay a firm socio-economic and political foundation for the country.

Second, the State plays the leading role in public investment.

Third, synchronized development of socio-economic infrastructure is associated with fast rural economic development.

Measures to be taken are:

First, continue to complete policy and legislation framework on public investment to agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

Second, increase state budget investment to agriculture, farmers and rural areas

Third, concentrate government bonds for development of rural, remote and out-of-the-war transportation and complete irrigation system.

Fourth, continue to earmark preferential investment capital to agriculture, farmers and rural areas through projects on rural infrastructure.

Fifth, continue to implement preferential policies on tax to encourage investment, especially in difficult areas.

Sixth, renovate mechanism, and policies to mobilize social resources including ODA and FDA for investment in agricultural and rural infrastructure.

Seventh, central and local budgets  should be allocated to pilot agricultural insurance.

Prof. Ph.D Vuong Dinh HueMember of the Central Committee, Minister of Finance