Tuesday, 21/1/2020
Developing high quality human resources for sustainable development of Viet Nam
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As a country with abundant and industrious human resources, Viet Nam still lacks high-quality human resources. Its current human resources have fallen short of requirements for socio-economic development and international integration.

To turn out high quality human resources, it is necessary to take the following key measures:

- Human resources development, especially high-quality human resources should conform to socio-economic development.

- The national economy should be fundamentally renovated. Higher education should be modernized and need-driven. Other measures include: restructuring the system of education and training, renovating education management, and developing the contingent of teachers and educational administrators. It is necessary to build standards for teachers, build teacher assessment norms, attract and honor excellent teachers.

- Investment must be made to renovate content, curricula, and pedagogy, to improve capacity on educational management; and to strengthen job training. In addition, it is necessary to step up cooperation with foreign countries, attract foreign investment in education and encourage enterprises to train their labor force./. 

Prof. PhD. Chu Van CapHo Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration.