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Comrade Le Hong Phong, a staunch communist and an outstanding leader of the Vietnamese Party and revolution
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Le Hong Phong (whose real name was Le Van Duc, and later Le Huy Doan) was born in 1902 into a farmer family in Dong Thon village, Thong Lang, Hung Nguyen, now Hung Thong commune, Hung Nguyen district, Nghe An province.

Le Hong Phong belonged to the contingent of vanguard revolutionaries who set up the Party and trained by the Comintern on theory and fighting experience. They were assigned by the Comintern to re-establish the Party system, develop and implement the Party’s new policies in the early 1930 of the 20th century. This was an extremely difficult task but an urgent demand of the Indochinese revolution after the failure of the 1930-1031 revolutionary movement.

Le Hong Phong led the preparation of the first Congress of the Indochinese Communist Party in Macau (China) in late March 1935. This was the result of the hectic preparation on policies and organisation of the Indochinese communists under the active leadership of comrade Le Hong Phong through the Party’s Commander outside Viet Nam and assistance from Comintern.

At the age of 40, after nearly 20 year of revolutionary activities, comrade Le Hong Phong devoted his life to the glorious revolutionary cause of the Party and nation. His life was a bright example of revolutionary ethics, love for family, country and people, and sacrifice for the country’s independence and freedom and people’s happiness./.

Prof. PhD. Le Huu NghiaVice Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council