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Implementing UN Convention on anti-corruption in association with corruption prevention in Viet Nam
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The article then discussed advantages and difficulties Viet Nam faces when it ratifies and implements the Convention. It confirms that the Convention is an important international legal document which provides an anti-corruption legal framework. The Convention basically conforms to fundamental principles of international laws including the principle of respect for national sovereignty, non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs. The signing and ratification of the Convention manifested Viet Nam’s determination to prevent and gradually repulse corruption and enhance its role and profile in international arena.

To step up anti-corruption work in the light of the Resolution of the 5th Plenum of the Party 11th Tenure, in the future, the political system should continue to effectively implement the UN Convention on anti-corruption particularly amid Viet Nam’s proactive international integration. Measures should be taken to prevent and gradually repulse corruption and waste, maintain political stability, develop economy, strengthen people’s confidence, build strong and clean Party and State and forge a contingent of disciplined and righteous cadres and public servants./.

Nguyen Ngoc AnhMajor General, Prof. Ph.D, Director General of Legal Department Ministry of Public Security, Member of the Inter-sectoral Negotiation Delegation of Viet Nam to meetings on Convention negotiation and development