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Improving quality and effectiveness of public security to ensure security, law and order in the context of globalization and international integration
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In the renovation process, the people’s public security force has changed ways of thinking, working methods and consultancy towards the Party, State, Party committees and authorities at all levels in their leadership to ensure security, law and order, proactively defeat subversive schemes under the label “peaceful evolution” of hostile forces in all aspects and prevent internal “self-evolution” and “self-transformation.”

While Viet Nam has actively embarked on international integration, the strong development of science and technology, the expanded financial crisis and public debt in Europe have forced countries including Viet Nam to take a new course. It is “Bringing into play synchronous strength of the country and its political system to realize objectives and tasks in national defense and security. These include to safeguard independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, maintain sovereignty over our waters, islands, border and air space, defend the Party, State, people and socialism, maintain political stability, law and order, social safety, prevent and defeat all plots and sabotage activities of hostile forces, stand ready to respond to global non-traditional threats to security and avoid being passive and taken by surprise in all circumstances.

Upholding is glorious tradition of 67 years of development, the public security force pledges to absolutely be loyal to the Party and country, be devoted to the service of the people, strive to successfully fulfill its tasks to defend national security and contribute to the country’s industrialization, modernization and international integrity./.

Tran Dai Quang Senior Lieutenant-General, Prof. Ph.D, Member of the Party Political Bureau, Minister of Public Security