Tuesday, 21/1/2020
Some issues relating to land ownership in our country at present
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Many countries, especially those in transition has paid much attention to the issue of land particularly land ownership, construction and land market development- indispensible elements of the market economy. Thus, private land ownership in our country should be thoroughly considered as 70% of the population is living in rural areas. Land is still the major resource and livelihood of the majority of the population, and an important factor to social stability. Moreover, there are several elements in history that cause problems in land relation.

To continue exercising people’s land ownership which is represented by the State, it is necessary to complete institutional system: laws, policies and management tools. Concrete regulations on responsibilities and authority of organizations and individuals which assume that authority should be stipulated. Roles and functions of State management bodies should be regulated to ensure effective management and use of land in planning, policy -making, law enforcement, preservation and development of added values from land. To ensure social equity, it is necessary to maintain quota on land for production and living in proportion with rural and urban land fund. The quota on agricultural land should conform to the scale of commodity production. Restriction on land area under certain plants, and animals should be loosened to facilitate agricultural production. Land should be assigned to those who use land effectively. Surplus revenue should be distributed rationally./.

Prof. Ph.D Nguyen CucHo Chi Minh Academy of Politics and Public Administration