Saturday, 30/5/2020
Developing scientific and technological infrastructure to meet demands of industrialization and modernization
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However, in face of challenges to maintain growth rate and ensure rapid and sustainable development, the socio-economic infrastructure in general and scientific and technological infrastructure in particular have shown weaknesses, backwardness. This constitutes a bottleneck to the development process. To overcome difficulties key solutions should be taken. First, State’s investment to science and technology should be increased while different sources should be mobilized to build scientific and technological infrastructure. Second, to implement programmes to assist the establishment of scientific and technological enterprises. Third, to strengthen the Institute of Science and Technology of Viet Nam and the Institute for Social Sciences of Viet Nam into leading institutions in the region and up to international standards in some fields Fourth, to effectively and rapidly develop three national high-tech zones. Fifth, to gradually expand the scale and effectiveness of actual and virtual technology and equipment market. Sixth, to upgrade and modernize the national scientific and technological system of advanced standards among ASEAN countries./.

Nguyen Quan