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Social security after 25 years of renovation: Achievements and problems
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1- Social security programmes established in the principle of “pay-benefit” have expanded with increasing impact on people’s life.

2- Social security programmes are not based mainly on people’s contribution like social assistance programmes. As much attention has been given to developing labour market policies, the number of beneficiaries has increased. So do, finance from the State budget and other social resources.

3- Social security policies have been closely associated with other social policies. Social security has been ensured. Viet Nam’s socio-economy has been relatively stable even during crisis and inflation.

However, the social security system of Viet Nam has not yet been complete, some programmes are of low feasibility. In general, its coverage and impacting scale have not large enough. Financial resources for social security programmes have not yet been sustainable. Thus, it is necessary to map out orientations for building a comprehensive, sustainable, multi-layer, flexible system of social security policy.

First, to build a comprehensive, sustainable, flexible system with different financial sources, and multi-layer prevention that ensures people’s participation in the social security system.

Second, the social security system should be complete to meet the minimum demands of participants while improving the scope and scale of impact towards beneficiaries.

Thirds, to ensure the rights and obligations of participants in a transparent and most beneficial manner to participants.

Prof.Dr. Mai Ngoc CuongNational Economic University