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Social criticism-a method to exercise democracy in Viet Nam
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Its objectives and most basic significance are to promote democracy so that people can participate in developing orientations and policies of the Party and legislations of the State.

These activities are of great value and significance if they are given attention to.

- If correctly implemented, it will bring about positive results which can bring into play and expand democracy.

- It is an important method to reach social unanimity, one of manifestations of democracy and to reduce political negligence among the public.

- As our Party is the sole ruling party, social criticism is a self-demand in order to improve leading quality of the Party.

- Social criticism comes naturally in a society in which everybody can freely express their aspiration.

Major orientations for social criticism:

First: Discussion and referendum should become common practices for social criticism to take place and to become a social mechanism.

Second, a State governed by law as recognized by the revised draft constitution is an important condition, a foundation for building a democratic society which includes oversight and social criticism.

Third, social criticism should be considered as one of public activities to build the Party and to build and strengthen administrations. Social criticism should ensure democracy, truthfulness and objectivity./.

Assoc.Prof., PhD. Ly Hoang Anh; PhD.Ong Van Nam