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Human resource development in our country
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Viet Nam is having high demands in high quality human resource development. First, this is due to requirement of globalization. Each country’s development needs human resources in science and technology, with professionally standard education and knowledge, and with skills in production and application of new technical advances. This is a comparative edge of each country. Second, this is due to requirement for building and developing knowledge economy in new conditions for international economic integration. Only by developing knowledge economy could we replace the old economy which relies on cheap labour force, low quality and effectiveness and sale of raw material and could development become effective and sustainable. Third, industrialization and modernization need high quality human resources. Thus, it is necessary to adopt appropriate point of view for human resource development. It is to develop science and technology, restructure economy and apply suitable growth model to make high quality human resourcea a strong point and the most important foundation for sustainable development. The Prime Minister issued Decision No 1216/QD-TTg on the Master Plan on Human Resource Development of Viet Nam in the period of 2011-2020. The decision set out expected results and major solutions including: first, a shift in awareness is necessary to identify that high quality human resources are the most precious asset of the country. Human resources should be created and used in an appropriate ways to become a driving force for strong and firm socio-economic development; Second, to build and promulgate a legal framework on human resources, employment, education and training with suitable policies on salary, preferential treatment, commendation, encouragement and respect for talent. Third, to renovate training and vocational training; to respect and use talents, to assign appropriate roles and create favorable conditions for them to develop and contribute. Fourth, to renovate vocational training to keep abreast of regional and global levels. Fifth, to develop human resources right in the power apparatus and this should be a priority among national resources. Sixth, to build a strategy on human resource development which conform to the overall strategy on socio-economic development of a country with a road map, stages and feasibility. Lastly, the State should build a mechanism to evaluate, use, screen and supplement policies on human resources. It is important to make high quality human resources a strong force to make contribution to the process of national development in political, economic, cultural and social aspects and national security./.

Assoc. Prof., PhD. Duong Vinh SuongHo Chi Minh National Academy of Public Administration and Politics