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Solving the problems of child labor and street children in the Strategy for Protection, Care and Education of Children
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The Party, State and social organizations have shown concern and provided assistance for their livelihood, helped them to find suitable jobs in safe, hygienic and appropriate conditions.

To successfully achieve this work, good macro policies should be made and implemented effectively at grassroots levels.

The State should continues the policy of social assistance to children, providing vocational training and job creation for difficult families and strengthening state control to stop child labor in heavy and harmful conditions. Local authorities should implement best policies to ensure jobs and stable incomes for poor families.

There is a need to develop appropriate social security policies on basic rights of all children. Revision and supplement should be made to out-dated regulations on social assistance to children in special circumstances.
Communication and education on the Law on Protection, Care and Education of Children and the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly mobilization of families of street children should be stepped up. The role of social and professional organization and communities should be heightened to prevent child labor and street children. This should be considered as a criteria for assessment of Party Committee at grassroots levels. Violations of fundamental rights of children from families to communities should be strictly dealt with. Legal framework and system of specialized organizations and professionals for protection and care of children families should be completed.

Different education forms such as “vocational training”, “Child right Clubs” should be strengthened and managed to ensure their integration in schools, youth union and associations./

Quach Thi QueInstitute of Labor Science and Social Affairs, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs