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On the social oversight and critic role of Vietnamese media
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At the 11th Party Congress, the Communist Party of Viet Nam officially recognized and urged the Vietnamese revolutionary press to assume this role. The document of the 11th Party Congress pointed out the task: “to set store by upholding ideological standpoint, and function as providers of information, education, organization and social oversight of mass media in the interest of people and country…”(1).

The media exercises its social oversight and critic role, first and foremost, in providing truthful and objective two-way information, from duty-bearers to right-holders and vice-versa. To fulfill its functions and tasks, the press has to abide by system of principles which are code of conduct and regulations on media operation-the foundation for production of media outputs, among them are truth, objectivity, transparency and fighting spirit of mass media.

Some major solutions to assist the press fulfill its social oversight and critic role:

First, to enhance law enforcement effectiveness to facilitate the press in exercising its social oversight and critic role.

Second, to attach importance to improving people’s knowledge and promote people’s democratic rights in transparent ways.

Third, to improve quality of the press to exercise its social oversight role through information channels and its profession./.

(1) Document of the 11th National Congress of the CPVN, National Political Publishing House-Truth, Ha Noi, 2011, p. 225

Dang Thi Thu Huong PhD, Social Sciences and Humanity University, Ha Noi National University