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Be vigilant against the current idea of non-politicized army
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The nature of our army is the new-type army with the nature of the working class. Thus, it is necessary to implement the followings:

First, our army should persistently follow Marxism-Leninism

We should persistently follow Marxism-Leninism and Marxist-Leninist philosophy. This does not mean to stereotype and apply rigidly but scientifically and creatively its ideology, and rules in new historic conditions and in new situation of the country.

Second, to firmly maintain and strengthen the Party’s leadership of the army: In reality, it is to maintain and strengthen the nature of the working class; to imbue the army with the Party’s political and organizational ideology; to ensure the Party’s strict leadership from central to grassroots levels in all fields and situations.

Thirds, it is necessary to renovate and rectify the Party

Renovation and rectification of the Party are urgent and long-lasting tasks and the law of existence and development. To be able to lead the revolution, the Party should renovate and rectify regularly to enhance its leadership and fighting strength in all aspects./. 

Pham Van TruongLieutenant Colonel, MA, the People’s Army Publishing House in Ho Chi Minh city