Tuesday, 21/1/2020
One-year implementation of the resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (11th Tenure): achievements and initial experience
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As a consequence, the resolution was rapidly and synchronously institutionalized by decrees, plans, regulations, and guidelines which facilitates implementation at all levels. There were new and different approaches on guidance, content, process and methods in criticism and self-criticism pre, during and post criticism.

From the implementation of the resolution, initial experience has been drawn up:

First, awareness on the Party and Party building of party cadres and members has increased.

Second, Party committees, organizations, cadres and members have seen more clearly their limitations and weaknesses for rectification.

Third, Party committees, organizations, cadres and members have rectified  mistakes and overcome their weaknesses.

Fourth, Party committees have gained more experience in leading Party building.

One year of implementation of the resolution, especially after the process of assessment, criticism and self-criticism, though shortcomings and constraints remain, important achievements and initial experience have been achieved which have resulted in positive effects in Party building. These include awakening, warning, admonishing and preventing Party cadres and members at all levels from making mistakes. The process has been an important step in making self-criticism and criticism a regular activity to make the Party clean and strong and be able to meet demands and tasks in the new situation./.

Nguyen Duc Ha Director of the Party organizations, Central Department of Organization