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Effectively mobilizing resources of overseas Vietnamese
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The overseas Vietnamese boast a strong resource of grey matter with nearly 400,000 experts and specialists (accounting for 10%-15% of the total number of overseas Vietnamese) who have acquired higher education upward with high technical skills and lived mostly in western countries.

Overseas Vietnamese experts and specialists are precious resources who can make contribution in: knowledge and technology transfer, training, lecturing, consultation, validation, information provision, and assistance in research and implementation. They can promote cooperation in science, training, fund and market seeking for products and research.

In addition, given their access to advanced and modern science and technology and new development trends of the world, the overseas Vietnamese have made comments, suggestions and recommendations on issues such as legislation, institution, socio-economic policy making and international integration. Due to their increasing role in local community, the overseas Vietnamese have participated in promoting political, economic and trade relations between Viet Nam and other countries and mobilizing international support for Viet Nam in international fora.

In recent years, after stabilizing their lives and integrating into local communities the overseas Vietnamese’s economic potential has increased. According to statistics, the annual income of the Vietnamese community in the United State reached US$ 50 – 60 billion, of which US$ 25-30 billion or 50% belong to the overseas Vietnamese in the US. Overseas Vietnamese businesses have developed in terms of quantity, location, social position and potential. The business sectors, structures and activities have been diversified: trade, production, services and especially in high technology. In the current financial-economic crisis, the overseas Vietnamese have striven to overcome difficulties, and maintained their businesses. Some businesses have diverted their activities and investment to Viet Nam.

Despite positive achievements as mentioned above, the mobilization of resources of the overseas Vietnamese has still fallen short of expectation and potentials. It is of important significance to consolidate and optimize the synergy of the national unity bloc of Viet Nam, particularly of the overseas Vietnamese community during the period of industrialization, modernization and deep international integration and in face of new opportunities and challenges. To better mobilize economic potentials and knowledge of the overseas Vietnamese community, in 2013 and the following years, attention will be given to policy making. First, continue to finalize legal framework, first of all institutionalization of Resolution No 36 of the Political Bureau on overseas Vietnamese; Second, early promulgation of policies and measures to attract experts and specialists who are overseas Vietnamese to national construction; third, continue to study and finalize policies and mechanism to ensure the legitimate interests of Vietnamese businesses living abroad; fourth, encourage and reward in time outstanding overseas Vietnamese intellectuals, businesses and enterprises; fifth, central and local branches and levels step up mobilization of the overseas Vietnamese community.

Effective implementation of the solutions mentioned above will consolidate the overseas Vietnamese’s sentiment towards the country, mobilize their economic resources, utilize their comparative advantages for national development and international integration, development of friendship and cooperation between the peoples of Viet Nam and other countries./.

Ph.D Nguyen Thanh Son Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the State Commission on Overseas Vietnamese