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Celebration marking the 70th anniversary of the Traditional Day of the Viet Nam’s People Public Security force
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President Truong Tan Sang confers the Golden Star Order (fourth time) to the People’s Public Security force. Photo: Vietnam News Agency

Present at the ceremony were Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Party and State leaders, former Party and State leaders, Vietnamese hero mothers, People’s Armed Force heroes, Labor heroes in the People’s Public Security force and cadres, leaders, officers of the People’s Public Security force in all stages.

Also present were international delegations including the delegation from the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Samdech Sakhenh, the delegation of the Ministry of Security of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic lead by Minister Somkeo Silavong. Other delegations were from Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Interior and Police Agency of the People’s Republic of China, Federation of Russia, Cuba, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand and international and regional Criminal Police Offices.

In his speech, State President Truong Tan Sang pointed out that the 70 years of building, fighting and growth with victory after victory have fostered the glorious tradition of the People’s Public Security force. That is to be absolutely loyal to the Fatherland and people, Party and State, closely associated with people, in the services of people, relying on the people in their work and fighting, coordinating and collaborating closely the People’s Army, law enforcement agencies and levels, branches, heightening vigilance, bravery, wit, creativeness and flexibility in the fighting against enemy and criminals, abiding by the law, constantly fostering and training to become the revolutionary public security officers in implementing Uncle Ho teaching: solidarity, unity, democracy and strict discipline.

At present, when the regional and world situation is developing complicatedly, disputes on island and sea sovereignty will be fiercer and more complex, threatening national territorial integrity. At home, violations of law and criminals have increased, and social law and order has developed complicatedly. In that context, the State President urged the People’s Public Security force to resolutely overcome constraints and weaknesses, proactively prevent and struggle against negative impacts and sabotage from outside and stay alert to avoid passivity and unexpected situation. In whatever circumstances, the People’s Public Security force must strive to achieve the objectives: “Firmly defend national independence, sovereignty, reunification and territorial integrity, the Party, State, people and socialism, the renovation process, industrialization, modernization, national interests, political security, law and order, social safety and culture. Maintain political stability and peaceful environment for socialist-oriented national construction and development as set out by the Resolution of the 11th Party Central Committee on “Strategy on National Defense in the new situation.”

The State President recommended to continue building the People’s Public Security force into regular, elite, gradually modern force and giving priority to modernize some important sectors to make it more effective and streamlined. Firmly maintain and strengthen absolute, comprehensive and direct leadership of the Party, the concentrated and unified management of the State towards the People’s Public Security force, enhance the leading capacity and fighting strength of the Party organizations in the force. Build the People’s Public Security force’s cadres and officers to be absolutely loyal to the Party and State, possess firm viewpoints and ideology, pure revolutionary ethic and fully aware of the six teachings of Uncle Ho, aquire high qualification and professional standards, fully aware of laws, high sense of discipline and internal unity. Discover timely, prevent and foil all schemes and sabotage activities of hostile forces, strongly defend national security, prevent and contain crimes, maintain law and order, social safety and safeguard people’s peaceful life.

On behalf of the Central Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, General Tran Dai Quang expressed deep gratitude to the Party, State, people, compatriots, comrades, heroic mothers, heroes, heroines and martyrs for their sacrifices for national independence and freedom for people’s happiness, calling on generals and officers of the People’s Public Security force to continue uphold the glorious heroic tradition of absolute loyalty to the Party, State, country and people, constantly train and foster political acumen, and communist ideals, heighten revolutionary spirit, strictly abide by discipline, overcome difficulties and hardship, stand shoulder to shoulder with the People’s Army, coordinate closely and effectively with levels and branches, associate with people, are determined to build a clean, strong, regular, elite, gradually modern force, stand ready to implement and fulfill all tasks assigned and be worthy of the Party, State and people’s trust.

On behalf of the leaders of the Party and State, President Truong Tan Sang conferred the Golden Star Order (fourth time), the high distinction of the Party and State to the heroic Vietnamese People’s Public Security force for its specially outstanding merit to the revolutionary cause of the Party and people.

Synthesized by Nguyen Duc