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President Truong Tan Sang visited and worked in Laos
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President Truong Tan Sang and Lao Party General Secretary, State President Chummaly Sayasone inaugurate Attapeu International Airport. Photo: Vietnam News Agency

Members of the delegation also included Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, member of the Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Chairman of the Viet Nam-Laos Cooperation Sub-Committee.

Attapeu International Airport is one of the key build-transfer project in southern Laos with a total investment of US$ 36 million with funding from Viet Nam’s Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group and built by the Lao Government from May 2013 to May 2015.

The airport is a key project of great political and socio-economic significance, a transport, economic, political, and national defense connection between Viet Nam and Laos, contributing to bringing substantive benefits to people in Attapeu province.

At the inauguration ceremony, President Truong Tan Sang expressed sincere gratitude to the Lao Party and State as well as local administrations and Attapeu province for their assistance to Vietnamese business’ investment in southern Laos in general and for Attapeu airport in particular.

President Truong Tan Sang also commended Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group and other Vietnamese businesses for their efforts to do business in Laos, emphasizing that Attapeu International Airport build-transfer project demonstrates effectiveness, practicality, diversity in economic cooperation between the two countries in general and among businesses of the two countries in particular. He urged Vietnamese businesses to continue promoting achievements, strengthening business partnership, paying attention to social work in the locality in the spirit of “supporting friends is supporting oneself,” constantly consolidating and developing the special solidarity and traditional friendship between Viet Nam and Laos.

Laos Party General Secretary, State President Chummaly Sayasone and other leaders warmly welcomed President Truong Tan Sang and the high-ranking delegation of Viet Nam to the inauguration of Attapeu International Airport, describing it a manifestation of the deep friendship and close and binding special relations between Viet Nam and Laos, a great encouragement to Lao people in general and people in Attapeu province in particular.

Lao Party General Secretary, State President Chummaly Sayasone highly appreciated Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group for their investment and completion of the project of important economic and political significance, strengthening connectivity not only for localities in Laos but also between Laos and Viet Nam and other countries in the region, facilitating people-to-people exchange activities, promoting economic relations, investment, trade and tourism with southern Laos.

During his stay in Laos, President Truong Tan Sang met and worked with Lao Party General Secretary, State President Chummaly Sayasone, and visited former Lao Party General Secretary, State President Khamtay Siphandone.

In his meetings with comrades Chummaly Sayasone and Khamtay Siphandone, President Truong Tan Sang expressed his confidence that Lao people would successfully fulfil objectives of the 9th Congress of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, and organize the 10th National Congress of the Party in early 2016. Lao Party General Secretary, State President Chummaly Sayasone conveyed sincere thanks to the Vietnamese Party, State and people for their support and precious, in time and effective assistance to Lao Party, State and people in their struggle for independence in the past and in the current national construction and development, reaffirming that the great friendship and special solidarity between the two countries would be forever strong and firm, and constantly develop.

Viet Nam is one of the biggest investors in Laos with a total investment of US$ 5.22 billion. Of which US$ 654 million are in Attapeu province. Bilateral trade turnover has grown quickly, reaching US$ 1.4 billion in 2014, 24.5% higher than 2013; Two-way trade through Bo Y border gate in Phu Cua of Attapeu province reached US$ 229 million, 72% higher than 2013. The two countries signed a new trade agreement, striving to boost two-way trade to US$ 2 billion in 2015. Vietnamese businesses have created tens of thousands of stable jobs in Laos, raising labor productivity, generating revenue to Lao budget, and actively donating tens of million of US dollars to social affairs fund in different localities in Laos.

Leaders of the two countries noted with pleasure that the traditional friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties, States and peoples of Viet Nam and Laos in the past period continued developing in all fields.

Leaders of the two countries agreed to continue implementing high-level agreements and build on the outcomes of the 37th session of the Inter-Governmental Committee of Viet Nam and Laos, including exchange of high-level visits and contacts, close coordination to enhance effective use of Viet Nam’s aids to Laos in 2015, accelerate transport connectivity and energy projects, early signing of Memorandum of Understanding on transport connectivity between Viet Nam and Laos and the Agreement on border trade of goods and services, continuing to monitor, inspect and promptly removing difficulties and assisting Vietnamese businesses to implement investment projects in Laos.

Both sides exchanged views on some international and regional issues of mutual concern, including East Sea issue, expressing satisfaction on good bilateral relations in regional and international forums, and reached consensus to strengthen collaboration with other Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) members to successfully build the ASEAN Community in late 2015. President Truong Tan Sang affirmed that Viet Nam would support Laos as Chair of ASEAN in 2016.

Exchanges between high-ranking leaders of the two countries took place in an atmosphere of sincerity, friendship, comradeship and fraternity. On this occasion, President Truong Tan Sang respectfully invited Lao Party General Secretary, President Chummaly Sayasone and former Laos Party General Secretary, President Khamtay Siphandone to visit Viet Nam at a convenient time.

The same day, President Truong Tan Sang attended the inauguration of the first phase of a project restoring and expanding the historical site of Wathat-Khu pagoda – which is dedicated to King Saysettha.

He also paid tribute to and planted a tree at the Monument in commemoration of Lao-Viet Nam fighting alliance in Champasac province. This is one of the 4 works built in Laos in commemoration of Vietnamese and Lao fallen soldiers in the cause of national liberation.

The President also made a fact-finding tour of Attapeu province to examine the efficiency of a hi-tech cow breeding project by Hoang Anh Gia Lai group. This is an advanced livestock farm of more than 15,000 cows which feed on agricultural products from rubber, sugarcanes, palm oil to yield high quality cow products.

The working visit to Laos of President Truong Tan Sang once again reiterated that the great friendship and special solidarity between Laos and Viet Nam will be forever strong and firm and constantly develop.

Synthesized by editorSource: Vietnam News Agency