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The 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Viet Nam: “Unity-Democracy-Discipline-Innovation”
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Delegates to the first Plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee congratulate comrade Nguyen Phu Trong for his election as the Party General Secretary. Photo:VNA

Attending the Congress were 1,510 delegates representing more than 4.5 million Party members.

The theme of the Congress “To strengthen the building of a strong and transparent Party, promote the great national unity bloc and socialist democracy, push up the comprehensive and synchronous renovation, firmly defense the country, safeguard the stable peaceful environment, and strive to promptly develop Viet Nam into a modern industrialized country,” demonstrated the solidarity, cohesion and determination of the country and the entire people to successfully implement the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress.

Delegates to the Congress discussed democratically, and unanimously adopted important documents, setting out six key tasks and identifying key indicators to guide the country's development in the coming period. The Congress unanimously adopted the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress.

In socio-economic development, the Congress advocated higher and quality growth in association with sustainable development, and improved labor productivity, while promoting the role of the market and economic sectors, including the private sector, the role of science and technology and the human factor, and accelerating international economic integration.

The 5-year average economic growth rate is expected to reach 6.5% 7%/year. By 2020, GDP per capita income is set at US$ 3,200-3,500, the industry and services proportion in GDP will be about 85%; the 5-year average total social investment capital will reach 32%-34% of GDP and the State budget deficit will stand around 4% of GDP.

By 2020, the proportion of agricultural labor in the total labor force will stand at 40%, the proportion of trained workers will reach approximately 65%-70%, of which 25% are certificate and diploma holders, the unemployment rate in urban areas will reduce to less than 4%. There will be 9-10 physicians and over 26.5 beds per ten thousand population, health insurance will cover more than 80% of the population, and the rate of poor households will fell 1.0%-1.5%/year on an average.

In politics, the Congress laid emphasis on the tasks of building a pure and strong party, boosting the prevention and fight against corruption and waste, promoting democracy in society and ensuring human rights, building the socialist state governed by law in line with the 2013 Constitution.

In the field of foreign affairs, the Congress opted to consistently implement the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, cooperation and development, multilateralization and diversification of external relations, proactive and positive international integration, being a friend and a reliable partner and responsible member of the international community, improvement of the effectiveness of external activities, and promotion of in-depth cooperation.

The process of nomination and election at the congress was conducted in a democratic manner; all decisions on nominations, withdrawal from the list of nominees and election to the leading bodies were made by secret vote. As a result, Congress elected the Politburo (including 19 comrades), the Secretariat, the Party Central Committee (180 official members 20 alternate members), the Central Inspection Commission (including 21 comrades) and Chairman of the Central Inspection Commission. Of the 19 Politburo members of the 12th Tenure, 12 are new members, 3 are female, 1 is ethnic minority people and 1 is under 50 years old.

Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of the 11th Party Central Committee was elected as General Secretary of the 12th Party Central Committee.

The Congress called on the entire Party, people and army, overseas Vietnamese to bring into full play the spirit of patriotism, the sense of self-reliance, strength, national unity, striving to successfully implement the Resolution of the Congress, and open up a new and glorious period of development toward socialism.

The congress received the attention and support of the parties, organizations and international friends. This was the source of inspiration, a great encouragement for the Congress, at the same time a vivid demonstration of the deepened relationship between the Communist Party of Viet Nam with political parties, organizations and international friends.

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