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Affirming determination to bring the special relations between Vietnam and Cuba to a new stage of development
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Mr. Raul Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Chairman of the State Council and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba welcomes General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. Photo: VNA

During the visit, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong held talks with Cuban Party First Secretary, Chairman of the State Council and Council of Ministers General Raul Castro Ruz; had meetings with Second Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee Jose Ramon Machado Ventura; Politburo member, President of the National Assembly of People's Power Esteban Lazo Hernandez; Politburo member, First Vice President of the State Council and Council of Ministers Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong laid wreaths at the Monument of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti and at the Monument of President Ho Chi Minh; visited the city of Santiago de Cuba, and the Tomb of Jose Marti and paid tribute to Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro Fidel Castro Ruz at his grave. He also visited some historic sites of the Heroic City of Santiago de Cuba, and Vo Thi Thang Primary School; and met with and addressed representatives of the young generation of the two countries.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong was awarded Honorary Doctorate in Political Science from La Habana University for his dedication to science and his contributions to socialist construction in Vietnam, and sharing of theoretical and practical experience of the development model of Vietnam with Cuba.

The Party and State of Vietnam decided to award the Gold Star Medal, the highest distinction of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on comrade Raul Castro Ruz in recognition of his valuable contribution to strengthening relations between the two parties and countries for socialist construction. On behalf of the Cuban people, General Raul Castro expressed his deep gratitude to the Party, State and people of Viet Nam for this award.

The talks took place in a brotherly atmosphere and mutual trust, the two sides expressed satisfaction at the good bilateral relations between the two countries; affirmed the determination to bring special ties between the two countries to a new development stage based on political trust, emphasizing the enhancement of economic cooperation, trade, investment and other fields. The two sides informed each other of the situation of each Party and country, and discussed international issues of mutual concern.

Vietnam warmly hailed the success of the election of the Cuban People's Councils of provinces and cities and the National Assembly, 9th Legislature, taking place on March 11. Vietnam firmly believed that, in the light of the resolutions adopted by the Sixth Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, Cuba will continue to successfully update its social and economic model to open up a new stage of development in building a sovereign, independent, socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable country.

Vietnam affirmed its unswerving stance in supporting the Cuban people’s noble cause and the demand to immediately and unconditionally remove the unjustified economic, trade and financial embargo against Cuba and reaffirmed its support for efforts to normalize Cuba-US relations on the basis of equality, respect for sovereignty, independence and political institution of each country. Vietnam highly appreciated the prestige and role of Cuba in Latin America, the Caribbean and the international arena.

Cuba congratulated the Party, Government and people of Vietnam for their outstanding achievements of historical significance in the renovation initiated and led by the Communist Party of Vietnam, Vietnam’s foreign policy of peace, protection of independence, sovereignty, international integration, prestige and contribution to peace, stability, cooperation and development in Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific and around the world.

Cuba supported and firmly believed that Vietnam will continue to gain much greater achievements in national construction and defense, successfully implement the goal of "prosperous people, strong country, democratic, equitable and civilized society,” build Vietnam into a modern industrialized country, and successfully build socialism in Vietnam.

The two sides were of the same view that in the current context when Vietnam is stepping up its renovation and Cuba is actively updating socio-economic development model, both parties should maintain regular meetings and contacts at all levels. The two sides should maintain the exchange of theory and practice, share experience in state’s leadership, socio-economic management, party building, and relations between the Party and youth organizations and continue to cooperate closely on defense, security and foreign affairs.

The two sides stressed the importance of bilateral cooperation mechanisms such as the agreement on exchanges and cooperation between the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Communist Party of Cuba; Seminar on Theory between the two parties; Intergovernmental Committee on Economic, Scientific and Technological Cooperation; Political consultation between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs, relationship between the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam and the Cuban Ministry of Revolutionary Forces; and exchanged on the socio-economic model of the two countries. Both sides expressed their determination to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of these mechanisms.

Emphasizing the importance of boosting and improving the effectiveness of economic cooperation, while highly appreciating the conclusion of negotiations on a new trade agreement within the framework of the visit, the two sides considered these as a basis for continue to expand economics and trade relations. Cuba supported Vietnam's further investment in Cuba through the signing of important investment projects and pledged to continue creating favorable conditions for this purpose.

The two sides also considered potential of each country to expand cooperation in priority sectors, such as energy, telecommunications, tourism, construction, health services, industry, agriculture, food industry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, transportation and other fields.

The two sides expressed their satisfaction at similarities in positions on many international issues, emphasizing that international disputes should be resolved by peaceful means on the basis of respect for international law, the Charter of the United Nations, respect for the principles of independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and self-determination of nations, non-interference in internal affairs, and non-use or threat to use of force.

Both sides agreed that the bilateral ties between Vietnam and Cuba should be strengthened and that it would help expand the cooperation between Vietnam and Latin American and Caribbean countries, between Cuba and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region for peace, stability, cooperation, development and prosperity in two regions and in the world. Both sides noted the role of regional and inter-regional organizations such as the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), The Forum for East Asia –Latin America Cooperation (FEALAC) in strengthening friendly and cooperative relations on the basis of respect for and coexistence in peace, respect for international law like the Proclamation of the Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace.

The two sides reaffirmed the validity of the fundamental principles of the Non-Aligned Movement; emphasizing the goals and principles of the Non-Aligned Movement should be fully respected; highly appreciated the contribution of the Movement to the protection of the principles of international law; stated that the Non-Aligned Movement needs to be further strengthened to cope effectively with big challenges of today's world; affirmed commitments to promote international peace and security, disarmament, especially nuclear disarmament; and expressed satisfaction at Vietnam and Cuba’s signing and participating in the Convention on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The two sides agreed to continue to support each other at international organizations and multilateral forums of which the two countries are members, especially in the United Nations, including supporting each other's candidates, reaching common views through periodic exchanges between the governments of the two countries. The two sides agreed to continue to strengthen coordination, cooperation and mutual support within the framework of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, the Sao Paulo Forum, as well as the political and social forum.

Phuong Tra