Sunday, 29/3/2020
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting
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Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and WEF President Borge Brende. Photo: VNA

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc had an intensive working program with 37 successive activities. He spoke at the discussion session “Meeting of leaders on ocean action agenda,” attended the Informal Gathering of World Economic Leaders (IGWEL) with the theme " The World in the Age of Globalization 4.0,” and a live streaming dialogue session with WEF Borge President Brende on the WEF website with the theme "Vietnam and World." This was the first time WEF organized a separate session on Vietnam to promote its development and integration. The Prime Minister also had meetings with leaders of some countries, heads of major international organizations; met and had talk with CEOs and leaders of the world's leading corporations. The Prime Minister and WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Professor Klaus Schwab witnessed the signing of an agreement between the WEF and Vietnam on building a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and a Letter of Intent on developing initiatives for plastic waste treatment.

Speaking at discussions and dialogues, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that Industrial Revolution 4.0 is "knocking the door" of each business, bringing about profound changes which no country can stand outside. Striving to overcome difficulties, limitations and challenges, Vietnam considers this a great opportunity when countries compete with creativity, not just traditional elements like trade liberalization, scale, experience, labor, and investment capital.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is not only about technology but also a major policy revolution. Vietnam has launched the "Make in Vietnam 4.0" Program - an initiative which aims to promote industries based on new policies, new management thinking and new technologies. Vietnam develops a transparent legal framework, increasingly approaching advanced international standards and hopes that WEF and the business community maintain their belief in Vietnam's determination and innovation efforts.

During the dialogue with WEF President Borge Brende with the theme "Vietnam and the World," in response to the question "How will Vietnam surprise the world in the next 5 years?" The Prime Minister stated, "We have a national aspiration in development. First of all, in the current context, we strive to maintain the momentum of growth, improve people's lives, maintain political and social stability and be a reliable address for all foreign and domestic investors to do business in Vietnam in the most convenient and safe manner. Therefore, we strengthen dialogues, promote institutional and legal reforms, protect legitimate interests of investors, facilitate an enabling investment and business atmosphere for investors in Vietnam, generate more jobs, contribute to better development, maintain growth momentum in the context of complex world situation. These are the Government’s commitments to people and investors. In the current international context, it is a great effort if not to say an unexpectation to maintain high growth momentum.”

At the meeting of leaders on ocean action agenda, the Prime Minister affirmed that Vietnam joins hands with the international community for the oceans without plastic waste, proposed to establish an "open public-private partnership forum to respond to climate change and protect the marine ecological environment." Vietnam also urges the World Economic Forum to coordinate with research partners to form the Global Network for sharing sea and ocean data; At the same time, he welcomed the international community’s support for ASEAN's common position to ensure security, safety, freedom of navigation and aviation in the East Sea, contributing to the preservation of green, peaceful, stable and cooperative oceans.

In the WEF framework of Jakarta 2019, Vietnam and the WEF signed a cooperation agreement on the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Vietnam. The Prime Minister said that the Center will be connected to the WEF Industrial Revolution Centers 4.0 in the United States, EU, China and India. Implementing this cooperation, Vietnam will be a hub of the region's 4.0 policy. Vietnam will be at the forefront of developing a policy framework, accept and allow new technology experiment, apply a strong public-private partnership model to create breakthrough and environment-friendly services and products in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with young and bold entrepreneurs with creative aspirations as key players.

In bilateral activities, the Prime Minister met with the Nepalese Prime Minister, the King of Belgium, the Queen of the Netherlands, the Czech Prime Minister, the Swiss President, the Romanian Deputy Prime Minister, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, the General Director WTO, the Vice Chairman of the European Commission, the Vice Chairman of the European Commission, and the Secretary-General of OECD. At the meetings, the Prime Minister exchanged many measures, agreed to strengthen coordination in effectively implementing mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation mechanisms, contributing to promoting the socio-economic development of Vietnam. for prosperity of the region and the world.

In the framework of the Meeting, the Prime Minister also met and talked with key leaders of multinational corporations, large enterprises such as Siemens, Qualcomn, Google, Total, Allianz, JBIC, GE, Prudential, Facebook, Sanofi, ... directly responded to many questions of businesses’ interest, including problems in internet-based high-tech application development and business.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc's attendance to the WEF Annual Meeting delivered strong messages about Vietnam's lines, orientations, policy and determination on comprehensive innovation and international integration, further promoting the relations between Vietnam and the world's leading partners and corporations, contributing to strengthening international environment for favorable national development, especially to implement socio- economic breakthroughs in 2019.

Nguyen Duc