Sunday, 29/3/2020
  • Peaceful springs in a border province

    Referring to Tay Ninh province, people often remember a land with the glorious history of being a revolutionary base of the Southern Commanding Board in the two legendary national resistant wars. Tay Ninh also has famous landscapes such as Ba Den Mountain and Tay Ninh Cathedral. Tay Ninh is also known as the sugar capital of the country as the largest sugar production in the country is located in the province. More than 30 years after the liberation of the South, Tay Ninh has overcome various difficulties and challenges and brought into full play the loyal and courageous tradition of a border province. The provincial Party organization and the people of the province has maintained close cooperation to build lasting peace and friendship in this border area.

  • Kon Plong in 5 years of development

    On 31st January 2002 Kon Plong district of Kon Tum province was established. With a geographical area partitioned by rivers, streams and hills, 3 out of 6 communes do not have a road to the centre of the commune and all 6 communes do not have electricity. In addition, people’s knowledge is low. These are difficulties which have hindered the transformation of cultivation and the breeding of domestic animals, intensive farming, and the application of scientific and technological progress. After 5 years of bringing into full play revolutionary traditions and constant efforts, the district Party organization and people, Kon Plong district has changed for the better and attained some achievements in economic, political, cultural and social areas, as well as in local defense and security.

  • Catholic followers emulate for peaceful and fine religious life

    Contrary to some erroneous opinions that in Vietnam there is religious suppression and non-existence of religious belief etc, religious followers in Vietnam in general and Catholic believers in particular have freedom, equality and a peaceful life. It is an undeniable truth. Recently, the Vietnam Fatherland Front has launched an emulation campaign: “All people are to build a new life in the neighborhood with peaceful and fine religious activities” which contains concrete and realistic contents. The campaign has gained strong support from Catholic followers and attained great success.