Monday, 22/4/2019
  • On socialist orientation in market economy development in Viet Nam

    The author confirmed the availability of socialist-oriented market economy which is the model being built by Viet Nam.

  • Special characteristics of socialist oriented market economy in Vietnam

    Developing a market economy plays an important role. For Vietnam, during the transition to socialism from a less developed economy, there is no other way but developing a socialist oriented market economy.

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of the current banking system in Viet Nam

    The banking system of Viet Nam has played an important role in the process of transition to the socialist-oriented market economy but its development has also posed several short, medium and long-terms issues.

  • Completing a socialist - oriented market economy mechanism, boosting economic restructuring and shifting economic growth

    The core economic thoughts of the documents of the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam are concerned with restructuring the economy, shifting the growth model and ensuring rapid and sustainable development. The premise for the successful fulfillment of these tasks is to effectively implement three strategic breakthroughs in which completing the market economy mechanism is both a key breakthrough - which directly impacts the process of economic restructuring - and the adaptation of the growth model,and is a task that does not require a great deal of financial resources. If there is the appropriate awareness and strong determination, this task can be basically realized in a fairly short space of time.

  • Restructuring banking system of Viet Nam

    To implement 4 key objectives to restructure the banking system, the State Bank divided the commercial banking system into 3 groups to identify risks. At the same time it has studied to develop a project to restructure system of credit organization. After the Prime Minister approved the project it has organized implementation with a view to avoid collapse and unsafe banking operation beyond the state control.

  • “The nature of the socialist-oriented market economy in the Draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution of Viet Nam”

    Article 54 of the Draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution of Viet Nam once again confirmed that our economy is the socialist-oriented market economy with several forms of ownership and economic sectors.

  • Socialist-oriented market economy - continuation of renewal process

    The Communist Party’s 11th National Congress approved the Platform for national construction during the transitional period to socialism (2011 amendments), saying: “From now until the middle of 21st century, the whole Party and people should strive to build our country into a modern, industrialized nation with a socialist orientation”. One of the fundamental directions to realize this goal is “Developing a socialist-oriented market economy”, focusing on comprehending and resolving major relations, including the relationship between market economy and socialist orientation. The 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam defined as one of three strategic breakthroughs: “Finalizing the mechanism of the socialist-market economy”.

  • Impacts of the global financial crisis on international political life and challenges to Viet Nam

    The current global economic and financial crisis is like a super strong earthquake which shakes all economics in the world, and caused a series of collapses of big economies and impacts on international political life.

  • Continuing to renovate policies and legislation on land in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country

    In recent years, achievements have been made in land management and use. However, there remain weaknesses and shortcomings which include lack of observance of legislation and regulations in land management and use, wrong use of land, waste and inefficiency in several places, low effectiveness of policies and legislation on land and inappropriate delegation of land management.

  • Enhancing Party’s leading capacity and effectiveness in State and private enterprises

    In the process of developing the socialist-oriented market economy, Viet Nam has continuously renovated and developed different forms of enterprises, considering it one of the fundamental and decisive tasks towards comprehensive renovation and socio-economic development of the country.

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