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The effective reduction of poverty in M’drac district
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M’drac is an agricultural district of Dac Lac province with a population of 60,000 people including 17 ethnic minorities living on the east side of Truong Son mountain range. The weather and terrain here are complex, peoples lives are difficult and they are short of food, especially in the between-crop periods and the provincial authorities must often provide food assistance. Thanks to the constant efforts of the local Party organizations and people in implementing socio-economic development programs, poverty reduction program, and local people’s lives have gradually been improved. The achievement in poverty reduction in the district stemmed from the great efforts of local authorities in implementing socio-economic development programs, integrating socio-economic development targets, poverty reduction with the construction of Party organizations in the district, as well as the operations of mass organizations and associations. By bringing into full play the strength of the people, mass organizations in surveying and defining poor households and fostering the movement of mutual assistance among households to get rid of the poverty, positive results have been seen. Most pressing issues at local level have received discussion and the opinions of local people which have quickly helped solve the problems and promote unity among people and high consensus in actions taken.

Tran Van Tan