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Supervision for development and self-assertion
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Ba thuoc is a mountainous district in the west of Thanh Hoa province (110 km away from Thanh Hoa city). People here lead a poor and less-developed life which heavily depends on agricultural and forestry production. Over recently years, thanks to the attention and support of the Party and State to rural people to help them develop their economy, and the efforts of the local Party organization and authorities in implementing relevant action plans, and economic development projects, people’s life has gradually been improved. One of the outstanding examples is the constant effort and due attention rendered by the district Party organization and authorities in the monitoring and supervision of socio-economic activities. Firstly, the supervision has been conducted through the review of verbal and paper reports on the implementation of resolutions of the People’s Council; secondly, the standing body and relevant departments of the People’s Council have directly established supervisory teams; thirdly, supervision has been conducted on the basis of inquiries of deputies at meetings of the People’s Council; fourthly, following the principle of unity between the higher and lower levels, the standing body of the district People’s Council has paid due attention to the monitoring and supervision conducted by communal and town’s People’s Councils.

Le Huy Hoang