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Phu Quoc island district to become a high-quality economic and eco-tourism centre
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Phu Quoc district comprises of 22 islands of different sizes in a total area of 598 with 150 km of coastline. The beaches here including the Bai Duong Dong, Bai Sao, Bai Khem, and Bai Truong have retained their primitive natural beauty, and the sea supplies diverse, rare and precious products. The coral and seaweed eco-system are still well maintained. Currently, about 100 mountains and hills still exist and natural forests cover 37,000 ha with a coverage density of 61 percent.

Phu Quoc is very accessible to regional countries by sea and by air. The islands are only 500 km from Thailand’s southeast industrial and tourist area, 700 km from Malaysia and about 1,000 km from Singapore. It is expected to become a major place of transit for international aviation and navigation.

With its natural beauty and favourable geographical position, Phu Quoc is considered a jade island with invaluable treasures. With proper management, in the near future Phu Quoc will become an attractive, high-quality economic, trade and eco-tourism centre.

In the past, Phu Quoc was a poverty stricken secluded place. However, the will and courageousness of the Vietnamese people was clearly shown here. During the war, Phu Quoc island was the furnace of revolution. In peace, the people, with their strong will are determined to build Phu Quoc into a major economic center. In the renewal and development process of the entire country and Kien Giang province, Phu Quoc island district has recently made drastic changes for development.

Currently, more than 150 domestic and foreign investors have applied to invest in Phu Quoc, and 46 investment projects on 2,000 ha have been approved. Many projects are of a large size. The project of building Duong To international airport is estimated at VND 2,500 billion; the project of building a high-quality tourism and entertainment center with a 1,000 ha motor race course invested in by the Rockingham Group is estimated at US$1 billion; and the project invested in by the Canadian Automind Capital Group on building a tourist seaport and high-quality apartments is estimated at US$ 130 million. These projects will generate new and strong changes in the near future. The islands are changing daily for the better and becoming a new city and a developed tourist center.

Looking to the future, the development in Phu Quoc is aimed at the following objectives:

- Protecting the eco-environment and natural scenery;

- Having a roadmap and taking appropriate steps to ensure stabilisation and sustainability;

- Attracting 300-350,000 tourists by 2010, providing a considerable number of jobs, improving people’s lives and maintaining a population of 150,000;

- Completing in the main the construction of Phu Quoc islands into a high-quality international eco-tourism center and a modern tourist ocean city by 2020, in order to attract 2 - 3 million tourists.

Nhu Hung