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On the Yen Minh rocky mountainous region
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Yen Minh was acknowledged as reaching the national standard on the popularisation of lower secondary education on Dec. 18, 2006. This is the first district in Ha Giang rocky mountainous province and one of very few difficult districts in Vietnam, which obtained this standard. Recent results in education have obviously improved the people’s general knowledge and become an important motivation to encourage Yen Minh in economic restructuring, by applying technological advances to production, and renewing the people’s thinking and working style to accelerate its sustainable socio-economic development process. In 2006, Yen Minh district reached and surpassed many important targets: GDP reached 12.55 percent, 0.14 percent above plan, and annual income per capita reached VND 3,511,000, or VND 650,000 more than 2005. Total food output reached 26,129 tonnes, or 1,126 tonnes more than 2005. Rural roads have been built, connecting the district with the center of 16 of the 18 communes in the district. Capital construction has increased rapidly. The mobiphone network now covers 70 percent of the communes. Trade and servicing activities are thriving. Many new economic models have been developed and initially proved successful, such as small-scale (household) livestock breeding farm and crop restructuring with plants suitable to the local land, climate and other resources.

Tran Thi Nam