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Developing high quality services in Dong Nai
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High quality services are an advantage to Dong Nai and not only in contributing to economic development and transformation but also to making social labor division more effective. Over the past 5 years, output values of trade and services have constantly increased at an average rate of 12% per year, of which trade increased 8%, financial credit 14.84%, and other services 12.02% etc. The fast and diversified development of services has significantly contributed to the provincial GDP, supported othe productive branches to develop and attract foreign investment as well as create more jobs. According to statistics, services in Dong Nai in the past years contributed 25% - 28% to the provincial GDP.

In making services a key economic branch, the following should be done:

- Quickly establish a civilized and modern business environment on the basis of developing the network of supermarkets and large commercial centers in Bien Hoa, Long Khanh and industrial parks. The development of the E-Commerce system should be quickly implemented. In the near future, the carrying out of the construction of an E-exchange center in Bien Hoa city along with the preparation of human resources and other necessary conditions to put the center into operation by 2007.

- Quickly finishing the necessary formalities for the building and putting into operation of a trade and tourism promotion center in Bien Hoa city, a city which is already highly populated with both people and industrial enterprises.

- Providing incentives to ensure the synchronized development of the technical infrastructure, such as public transit and the transportation of laborers working at industrial parks as well as pupils to school. Encouraging all economic sectors to participate in transport services.

- Developing post offices in key areas in order to serve consumers working at industrial parks and in new population centers, and gradually expanding to remote and pocket areas following the model of communal cultural and post centers. Building and developing a modern telecommunication network. Providing diversified and high quality services to people and consumers.

- Upgrading and building tourist places and developing quality tourist products on the basis of effectively exploiting ecological and traditional festivals to encourage tourists.

- Improving the quality of medical services, especially public clinics. Encouraging all economic sectors to participate in the development of medical services. At the same time, enhancing the control and supervision of medical services in the province.

- Promoting the training of human resources. Formulating strategy and investing in education and training so as to improve the quality of workers and the management capacity of civil servants, especially in the services sector, all are pressing and fundamental requirements.

Le Van Danh