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Continuing to build a beautiful and wealthy Nghe An province
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Nghe An is sacred land where preeminent people live. It is also an ancient land in the development of national cultural. Nghe An’s culture closely links with the struggle for national salvation and defense and tempered with intelligence and the blood of the people. With more than 1,000 historical and cultural sights and festivals as well as its landscape which can still all be experienced, the cultural tradition of Nghe An is affirmed in the history of the national culture.

Thanks to the promotion of its fine cultural traditions, cultural activities in Nghe An in the past few years have been very successful and contributed to the renovation process in the province.

- The movement “the whole community to build the cultural life” has penetrated into daily life which is symbolized by the campaign of building cultural families, hamlets and villages.

- Maintaining and preserving cultural relics. Investments were made to preserve these relics and festivals were held to educate people on the principle of remembering our origin. The socialization of preserving historical and cultural relics and landscapes etc has received encouragement from the authorities and the attention of organizations and individuals. This trend shows how the spiritual and culture life of individuals and communities is being recognised. In Nghe An province, there are hundreds of festivals linked with historical and cultural relics in all areas in the provinces. About 19 festivals are regularly held to facilitate cultural exchange throughout the year.

- The non-physical cultural treasures in Nghe An such as folk songs and stilt house culture are constantly being preserved and developed in both the plain and mountainous areas.

- The State management of cultural activities in recent years has focused on the quality and effectiveness of cultural activities. The provincial authorities have completed a masterplan of cultural-information development to 2010.

Nghe An is concentrating on increasing the quality of cultural activities according to the trend of socialization in order to respond to the needs of creativity and the spiritual culture of the people. The province is actively adapting to market mechanism and integrating into other world cultures while still maintaining the local cultural characteristics, and contributing to national efforts to achieve the goal of “a rich people, strong nation, and equitable, democratic and civilized society”.

Nguyen The Trung