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Strategic orientation of socio-economic development in Tuyen Quang province
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Tuyen Quang is rich in revolutionary tradition and has a lot of potential. Over the past few years, the province has actively exploited its potential and internal resources and made important achievements in socio-economic, political and social aspects, as well as in defense and security.


The provincial economic growth rate showed an average of 11.04% and in the last two years this figure was 12.05%. Industrial production posted important changes. The masterplan of road networks and development guidelines to 2020 was completed. The system of post-telecommunication offices continued to be invested in and developed in all districts, towns, industrial zones and communes. The medical network was expanded to provide better services for people. Social affairs, particularly relating to war invalids, martyrs’ families and revolutionary merited individuals, was fruitfully carried out. Poverty reduction was accelerated and produced positive results.

Based on four principles “grasping opportunity, breaking through, together and cooperation” and two momentums “cultural tradition and great national unity” and five breakthroughs “completing the programing of socio-economic development; speeding up industrial development, tourism, transport and information; formulating and effectively implementing mechanism and policies which encourage and attract investment; administration reform”, the development of the province aims to achieve targets by 2010: GDP classified by branches: industry and construction: 40%, services: 35%, agriculture and forestry: 25%. Annual average growth rate of GDP is about 14%, GDP per capita: USD 740. Food output is more than 320,000 tons; export turnover is more than USD 27 million. Revenue from tourism is about VND 500 billion. The percentage of poor households is now lower than 15%.

Hoang Binh Quan