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International entrepot Van Phong in the strategy of marine economy
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Van Phong bay belongs to Van Ninh district in the north of Khanh Hoa province, and has a particular location in the international marine and trade map. This is the most eastern point of the Indochina peninsula and close to international marine routes from Europe to Asia, North East Asia, South Asia, Oceania and Latin America and vice versa. This is the most fundamental advantage that few other places in the world have. Van Phong is an ideal place to establish a big market open to the world-an open economic zone of which the international entrepot is the core part. This will facilitate Vietnamese enterprises to exchange commodities, receive new technology and management skills from the world.

Van Phong is one of only a few bays in Vietnam (Van Phong, Cam Ranh and Vung Ro) which is out of the wind, free from alluvial deposits and which has maintained its original depth over the years. This is the pre-conditioned factor for building an international entrepot on this site.

International consigners choose Van Phong to transship their goods because Van Phong is close to international waterways and capable of receiving big vessels. It is also a good place to build an oil entrepot (in the form of a bonded warehouse) to supply both Vietnamese and regional markets, as well as vessels that harbour in Van Phong port.

Le Vu Khanh Phan Duyen