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Perception on ownership and economic sectors in the document of 11th Party Congress
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Concerning this issue, the Platform replaced the phrase “collective ownership of major production material” as stated in 1991 Platform with the phrase “suitable and progressive production relations”. As compared with the document of the 10th  Party Congress, that of the 11th Party congress is added with the word “progressive.”

As far as economic sectors are concerned, the document of the 9th Party Congress identified six economic sectors, that of the 10th Party Congress reduced the number of economic sectors to five and that of the 11th Party Congress confirmed the five economic sectors which include: State, collective, private, foreign-invested and mixed economic sectors.

Thus, there is new perception on ownership and economic sectors now as compared with previous Party Congress. However, there is neither any stipulation in legal document nor effective supervision mechanisms of property belong to State ownership. So, it is necessary to structure the economy in terms of economic sectors, to pay more attention to develop legal document on intellectual property and to facilitate the development of mixed ownership./. 

Associate Professor, Doctor Ngo Quang MinhDirector of Economic Institute Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration