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Public-private partnership in transport infrastructure development
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Capital is an important factor in transport infrastructure construction at present. Ensuring enough capital for transport infrastructure construction to promote economic growth should not be delayed. It is time now to involve strong participation of the private sector. Investment from the private sector, particularly from foreign private sector to transport infrastructure will play an important role to solve the problem.

To accelerate public-private partnership in transport infrastructure construction, it is necessary to identify objectives, strategies and capacity at all levels, and to reach right decisions in selecting public-private partnership projects. Besides, due consideration should be made to legal environment and clear mechanism to encourage responsible business operation.

For effective partnership, the private businesses which provide essential services to community should pay attention to consequences of their businesses to community. They should cooperate with competent authorities to avoid and litigate unacceptable consequences./.

Doan Duy KhuongVice Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Vietnamese Business Council for Sustainable Development