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Keeping abreast of new development-a decisive condition for sustainable development
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A new development trend of the modern market economy is the emergence and strong development of knowledge economy. Revolutionary changes have taken place in science and technology, and education and training-the two pillars of knowledge economy. In science and technology, new development trend is manifested in the integration of natural science and social science and humanities; free and comprehensive individual development; new way of thinking and new methodology in scientific development in the 21st century and socio-economic and political development. In education, new development trend is manifested in human development-oriented educational policies; new education built on cultural and educational reform which is associated with science and economic development. Keeping abreast of new trends of development of the era has been a vital challenge to the country and a heavy historical task of the State. It is a decisive factor to rapid and sustainable development./.

Tran Ngoc Hien