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Continuing to renovate policies and legislation on land in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country
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Land fund allocation has met requirements to serve the objectives of socio-economic development, national defense and security. Land use restructuring has basically conformed to economic restructuring. Agricultural land fund has helped ensure national food security, and protect and develop forest. Land for industry, services, urban development, rural population, public works, irrigation system and electricity supply has been expanded and gradually met the country’s demands for industrialization, modernization and urbanization. Requirements for land of religious organizations have been met. Policies and legislation on land have been gradually completed.

However, the institutionalization of the Party’s Resolutions on land has not yet been synchronous, slow in some of the resolutions’ contents and has not caught up with socio-economic development. In addition, some contents are not appropriate. Dissemination of the resolutions has not been thoroughly done. As far as state management of land, the decisive role of the State in a capacity of the owner of land is unclear. Mechanisms for exercising that role of the State as well as monitoring of local delegated role have not been put in place. Interests of the State, investors and land users have not been catered for satisfactorily. Disputes, complaints and denunciations relating to land have become more complicated, resulting in potential threat to political and social instability in many places. Settlement of disputes, complaints and petitions on land has fallen short of expectation. There are limitations to the settlement and trials of land disputes and petitions by courts at all levels. Some prolonged cases have gone through several court levels. These problems require further renovation of policies and legislation on land./.


Nguyen Quoc Ngu, Ph.DDeputy Director General, Department of Economics, Office of the Party Central Committee