Sunday, 17/12/2017
  • In spring, we discuss environmental issues

  • An overview of Vietnam’s society in 2006

  • Talking over water issues in the new spring

  • Mr. Truong Chinh and the national renewal process

  • Mr. Truong Chinh, the pre-eminent leader of the Vietnamese revolution

  • Mr. Truong Chinh and his home province of Nam Dinh

  • Transforming opportunities into lively active development in 2007

    2007 is the first year in which major opportunities and challenges to the national development will become apparent. Opportunities do not automatically turn into materials in the market, instead they can only become effective by our ability to grasp and exploit them. Challenges are direct pressure but their implication largely depends on our efforts. Opportunities and challenges are not immutable. On the contrary, they always vary and transform. Grasping opportunities, overcoming and turning challenges into opportunities and lively active development are the great responsibilities of our Party and State and people in the new stage.   

  • Enhancing the Party’s leadership and State’s management, improving the quality, ideological nature, attractiveness and persuasibility of the mass media

    In recent years, availing of the achievements of the renewal process, our mass media has developed quickly in terms of quantity and forms (written newspapers, radio, television and electronic newspapers). The contingent of correspondents and editors, material basis and financial capacity have also significantly developed. However, the operation of our mass media has still inherited weaknesses and incurred mistakes which are slowly being addressed. Some press agencies have showed their negligence of the political and ideological functions of the revolutionary mass media, and/or diverged from the mandate and objectives,  by being influenced by the commercialization of the operation and mediocre taste. These agencies paid little attention to the discovery and encouragement of exemplary persons and actions, and new factors in the cause of renovation, national construction and defense. The impact of these weaknesses and mistakes is serious and harmful to the national economic interests and the State’s direction and management. They are also causing the erosion of people’s confidence in the renewal process. The hostile forces take advantage of these weaknesses and mistakes to blacken and criticize our Party and regime which in turn distorts our country’s image in the eyes of international friends.

  • Strengthening the Party’s leadership and enhancing the prevention and struggle against corruption and waste

    The success of the renewal process largely and significantly depends on the results of the prevention and struggle against corruption and waste by our Party, people and armed forces. Strongly and effectively strengthening the struggle against corruption and waste is the political and consistent determination of our nation under the Party’s leadership. The 10th Party Congress has clearly defined: “The prevention and struggle against corruption and waste is one of the main tasks of the construction of the Party. It is also the direct and regular task of the entire political system and society. This is both a severe ordeal and great opportunity for the entire Party, people and armed forces to march forward on the path of renovation for national prosperity, sustainable development along with the development trend in the world.

  • Making our mass media sound and operate according to the set direction

    In the process of leading our people to carry out two strategic tasks of constructing and defending our socialist country, our Party and State have always attached great importance to the position, role and impact of the mass media towards society. On 11th October 2006, the Politburo (X Tenure) issued the Conclusive Notice No 41-TB/TW on the adoption of some measures to enhance the Party’s leadership and management of the operation of the mass media. Our conference today is to set the stage for the implementation of one of the five major tasks set forth in the Conclusive Notice No 41-TB/TW: “The Central Ideological-Cultural Commission takes the lead, and cooperates with the Civil Affairs Board of the Ministry of Culture and Information, executive committees and civil affairs of line ministries and mass media to review and evaluate the implementation of the Conclusive Notice No 162-TB/TW of the Politburo in the past two years.