Monday, 22/1/2018
  • The Communist Review spares no efforts to enhance its tenacity and persuasibility in the dissemination of information and propaganda of political theory

    Based on the awareness of requirements of information dissemination and propaganda of political theory in the new state and the responsibilities of the Communist Review which is the political theoretical agency of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, the Editorial Board of the Communist Review has drafted an Action Plan to enhance its tenacity and persuasiblity in information dissemination and the education of political theory. The objectives of this Action Plan are to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Review and actively contribute to the settlement of pressing issues in the national construction and development; heighten the frontal struggle in the ideological area in order to improve the awareness of civil servants, Party members and people in the renewal process; expose the counter-revolutionary nature of hostile actions and defeat all wicked plots of peaceful engagement of hostile forces.  

  • To develop the relationship between Vietnam and India to a new level

    Vietnam and India established diplomatic relationship at ambassadorial level on 1st July 1972. This was a turning point in the relationship between Vietnam and India which opened a new period for the development of multi-facetted relations between the two States and people. To make India soon become a strategic partner of Vietnam, there should be synchronized and comprehensive efforts, especially the reform of economic relations, to promote the relationship between the two countries. It is necessary to define new targets, new approaches and measures to economic relations between Vietnam and India. Based on the traditional relationship, fine political relations, economic cooperation and relations will become strong driver for a sound and long-term development of bilateral political relationship.

  • Required breakthrough in theory to lay solid foundations for the formulation of the Party’s guidelines and policies in the new stage