Sunday, 17/11/2019
  • Statement of the 7th session of 11th Central Committee of Communist Party of Vietnam

    The 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam convened the 7th session in Hanoi from May 3 to May 11, 2013, as part of the whole term work agenda. The following are excerpts of the Statement on the 7th session of 11th Central Committee of Communist Party of Vietnam

  • Making the patriotic emulation movement a true revolutionary and self-conscious activity of society

    Over the past 65 years under the leadership of the Party, following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, the patriotic emulation movement has constantly developed, creating positive power which has created a synergy of strength of the nation. It has become the revolutionary movement of the mass, contributing to achieving victories of historical and epochal significance in the course of national liberation in the past and in the current renovation process and national construction and defense.

  • Building an independent, self-reliant economy in the context of international integration

    Building an independent, self-reliant economy has always been a matter of fundamental needs for Vietnam, particularly during this time of proactive international integration. Documents from the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (January, 2011) stated the importance of “Persevering to build a more independent and self-reliant economy in the context of greater international integration”(1).

  • People’s ownership of land: historical imperative in the current Vietnamese conditions

    After citing the lack of scientific and practical background of the three groups of opinions which recognize private ownership of land, support multiownership of land and recommend state ownership of land, the author put forth theories, practices and history to prove the correctness, and appropriateness of recommendation on people ownership of land in the Vietnamese conditions while trying to seek a mechanism to effectively implement people’s rights. The backgrounds are:

  • Points of view of K.Marx and F.Engels on the transitional period and some related current issues of Viet Nam

    There are key issues during the transitional period to socialism that were pointed our by K.Marx and F.Engels and should be taken into consideration by Viet Nam.

  • Relationship between economic growth and social welfare in sustainable development - major solutions for Vietnam

    Economic growth is a core driving force for development, and a primary factor and material condition for solving social problems. Appropriate social policies are tools for sustainable socio-economic development.

  • Enhancing the quality of theory research and development of the Party

    In face of demands and tasks on national development in the new situation, the Party’s theory work is required to renovate to generalize practices, clarify new issues to improve theory on socialist construction in our country.

  • Constitutional leadership of the Communist Party of Viet Nam towards the State

    The leadership of a political party towards the state is a common rule in the development history of the modern society of all nations since the coming into being of capitalist state. However, how that rule is manifested in different locations at different time depends on wisdom and will of man in concrete historical conditions.

  • Some issues on prevention and fighting against the so-called “self-evolution” and self-transformation” in our country at present

    After 25 years of renovation, we have made great and important achievements. However, our country has still faced many challenges. Hostile forces have continued to carry out their plot of “self-evolution”, causing riots and subversion. Degradation in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle of part of party cadres and members is still serious. Fighting against the so-called “self-evolution” and self-transformation” among party cards and members to improve the Party’s leading capacity and fighting strength is one of the urgent and long-termed political wills of branches, levels and each citizens in the building of socialism and defense of the Fatherland, the Party and regime.

  • Firmly defending the Socialist Viet Nam

    Our army comes from the people and fights for the people. It has been organized, led, educated and fostered by the Party and Uncle Ho and loved, and supported by the people. Over the past 68 years, our army has unceasingly been growing to become a loyal and trusted political and fighting force of the Party, State and people.

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