Sunday, 17/12/2017
  • Developing a humane and technological education where learners engage in real study, work and develop their values

    Viet Nam’s education is a great achievement of the country’s revolution under the leadership of the Party. The most prominent result is education has made worthy contribution to national liberation, reunification and renovation of the country. However, it is facing challenging contradictions.

  • Party General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu - a persistent and creative political think tank, a bright example on ethics and virtues

    Speaking about Party General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu, it is necessary to mention resolutions of the 6th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (which took place from 6-8 November 1939) and his well-known works “Self-Criticism”.

  • Relations between heads of Party Committee and administrations

    Relations between heads of party committees and administrations should clearly clarify their responsibilities and tasks.

  • To make self-criticism and criticism sharp weapons and effective solutions for Party building and rectification

    To successfully build and rectify the Party, the resolutions of the 4th Plenum of the Central Committee identified self-criticism and criticism primary solutions.

  • The 2003 Law on Land-problems and recommendations for supplement and revision

    The implementation of the Law on Land promulgated in 2003 has brought about a breakthrough and new practices in land management and use. However, there are difficulties and constraints that call for supplement and revision of the law.

  • V.I. Lenin with building a strong and clean ruling Party

    While the communist party took power and led the country to socialism, V.I.Lenin paid special concern to the party’s limitations and constraints in its leadership, especially erroneous policies, bureaucracy, authoritarianism, dictatorship, opportunism, communist arrogance, corruption, bribery, extravagance and waste that weakened the party. Those party members who degraded and made the mistakes, according to Lenin, should be expelled from the organization to make the party clean. A key issue on building a strong and clean ruling party which received special attention from him is to strengthen building and consolidating the close relations between the party and the people.

  • The 1992 Constitution and development of multi-sector economy

    The 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam declared to build a multi-sector commodity economy operating according to market mechanisms under the management of the State with socialist orientation. The economic sectors identified by the 1992 Constitution included the state sector, the collective sector, the individual sector, the private capitalist sector and the state capitalist sector under different forms.

  • Fighting against “Peaceful evolution”, riot and subversion of hostile forces

    Implementing the renovation process, under the leadership of the Party, our country has recorded great and important achievements which are recognized by friends in the world. However, hostile forces have unceasingly plotted to abolish socialism in our country through their schemes of “peaceful evolution”, riot and subversion. Thus, while improving people’s material and spiritual life, we must be on high vigilance against dark schemes which have been sophisticatedly laid down every day.

  • Repulsing degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle among Party cadres and members

    National independence in close association with socialism is the political ideology and principle, political programme of action and moral standards of our Party, people and country. Either being drawn in or intentionally involving in, directly or indirectly; speaking against or alleviating from this ideology are degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle. The degradation of political ideology and ethics is the decline in ideology and action of Party cadres and members which are detrimental to the leading role, fighting strength and political prestige of the Party in the cause of socialist construction and national defense.

  • Contributing to current fight against degradation in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle among some Party carders and members

    Hardly had it established, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has been fully aware of the seapcially important role of policial ideology, ethics and lyfestyle of Paty members as well as of the entrue society. Thus the Party has paid much concern to education and building of political ideology, ethics and humane lifestyle for Party carders and members and the people.

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