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Mr. Truong Chinh, the pre-eminent leader of the Vietnamese revolution
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Mr. Truong Chinh joined the patriotic movement in 1925 and the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association in 1927. He was a vanguard in the campaign to found the Communist Party of Vietnam and became one of the first Party members in 1930. He set a bright example of revolutionary unyieldingness, communist principles and discipline, sincere sentiment toward comrades and compatriots, modesty, simplicity, and a scientific, careful, concrete and practical working-style.

Working as Party General Secretary for three terms, he made outstanding contributions to the Party’s theories and practice for example, during the people’s uprising to wrest back power; the people, prolonged and self-reliant war; the establishment of the United National Front to unite the entire people in order to win more friends and reduce foes; the building of the Party, the State and laws; and in the areas of ideology culture and art. Mr. Truong Chinh maintained that our Party leading process proved its correctness and creativity by combining national and international, traditional and modern factors, subjective factors and people’s strength with objective factors about the movement of the law system, thereby leading Vietnam’s revolution from one victory to another. He held that to ensure the Party’s leadership, it is necessary to strengthen unity within the Party on the foundation of Marxism-Leninism and Party guidelines. When faced with difficulties, it is natural to have confronting opinions. We should be sincere, frank and have a constructive attitude in discussion and debate to find out the truth in order to reach a high level of unanimity. He said in the then situation that our Party should follow Ho Chi Minh’s manners to renew its working-style, organisation and personnel work. Democratic centralism should be maintained in Party meetings as well as in its socio-economic leadership. Mr. Truong Chinh was the maker and also decided new strategies in the national liberation revolution, the resistance policies, and renewal policies in the building of socialism in Vietnam and was responsible before the Party and the people in the realisation of these policies. Confronting major changes in the country and the world, he always showed the firm political will, scientific wisdom and the clear-cut attitude necessary of a Party General Secretary. He always reminded the Party to look directly at the truth to see advantages as well as its subjective shortcomings, and to be courageous towards strong and strict self-criticism. He said that renewal was “based on lessons drawn from already obtained successes and weakness and mistakes”. He always appeared in each historical turning point for Vietnam in the 20th century to accelerate our revolution in order to keep abreast with the development of humanity and the new era. With his outstanding contributions to the revolution, our party and nation Mr. Truong Chinh has been honoured as the pre-eminent leader of Vietnam’s revolution.

Le Huu Nghia